Juleia Quarteiz

November 18, 2011
one day long ago,k there was a girl. she had brown wavy hair. here eyes were haze, her curls riding, and her body, perfect and thin, athletic.she only liked skirts and tank-tops. always were here hair down. Her name Juleia. She suffered cancer. she was beautiful and everyone loved her. you couldn't ask or and better person to care about you. In June, her cancer got worse. She had bone cancer. She was in and out of the hospital for months. She lived in Paris, France. She was a quiet type. didn't really say much. Because she was loosing her hair, not many girls talked to her. She was only 13. one day while going for a walk she passed out on the hot sidewalk and was rushed to the emergency room. Her cancer was progressing and getting worse but the doctors couldn't tell. She thought she could walk with-out pain. She was told she could be released and go home. She went back home to restart a new life. Two weeks in, she passed out again. she went to the hospital were a doctor told her, ''your cancer is getting worse, you should of never been released it never went away it was only getting worse. you blood counts low and are you able to risk surgery?'' ''rush surgery? what wrong with me? you people told me I'd be fine, you was wrong?'' juleia cried."We knew, but it's back and getting wrose, what would you like us to do?" "i want you to get ride of it, I'd like to be a homecoming queen, or see America, go and live!" "well we can't promise anything but we can try." Juleia sat there in tears. she knew nothing would work, and that she would be back on machines. That after noon, her sister, Amalie, Came to visit her. she brought her son Zachery. Juleia was so thrilled to finally meet him. Amalie just got out of the hospital a few weeks ago. That night while everyone was sleeping juleia left, she wanted to live so she was going to one way or the other. "i was gonna die there anyway, so i figured i mise well die out here trying to live." Two days later she was found beaten to death in some dudes car. taken the e-quad back to the hospital, she told doctors not to mess with her no more machines. "I'm suffering" she said. She wasn't put back on the machines and was released to go live back at home. She was happy to see everyone safe and sound again. she went up to her room and passed out. by dawn her sister came to check on her and she was gone...
"Momma, I'm sorry but i can not just lay here and die i need to get out and live a little. i love you very much...I'll see you soon"
After days of looking they found her dead in her sisters car outside of Frances...
"Momma, I'm sorry but i was suffering, i didn't want to die in your arms, it's a little hard. thank-you Amalie for letting me meet my baby nephew Zachery, i shall watch over him, you, and mom forever. i love you forever. I'm very sorry i couldn't tell you this but...I'm pregnant. if the baby lives threw this i want her names Emily and mom she shall care for her. I'm sorry for all of this hurt...i love you

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Kimberly_W said...
Nov. 22, 2011 at 3:54 pm
it was spelled right when i wrote it believe it or not, but i uploaded it threw school so it was a bit misread. this is only a rough draft of it too. there will be another one once i add more to it. but thankyou for your feedback
yuka11 said...
Nov. 22, 2011 at 3:17 pm
Well, I like the plot line :) But there are a LOT of grammar and spelling problems in every sentence that make it hard to follow. What does "&quot" mean? Also the way you put your sentences together makes the whole story seem choppy. If you go through and develop it more, and add details, then it will be an amazing story. The plot itself was touching and sad.
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