Building Bridges

November 10, 2011
By Devi1sAdvocate SILVER, West Branch, Iowa
Devi1sAdvocate SILVER, West Branch, Iowa
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Setting: Nowish, Anywhere.
HARMONY is in late thirties. JORDAN is slightly younger. There is a slight resemblance between the two women. JORDAN sports a tattoo going down her neck, HARMONY has noticeable scars.

FADE IN: Two women sitting in at cafe table, coffee in front of them. In conversation.

Jordan: I consider myself a non-theist.
Harmony: Like an atheist?
Jordan: No...a non-theist.
Harmony: What is that?
Jordan: It's sort of like an agnostic.
Harmony: Meaning?
Jordan: You know, maybe this isn't the best place to start.
Harmony: No, no...this is important. Religion is important.
Jordan: Well then let’s go to you. You're a Christian right?
Harmony: Yes.
Jordan: What kind?
Harmony: Lutheran.
Harmony: So do you believe in God?
Jordan: Ummm....I don't believe really, or disbelieve. I don't know, I don't really think it's possible or anyone to know one way or the other, so that’s why I call myself a non-theist.
Harmony: I know one way or the other.
Jordan: Pardon?
Harmony: You just said you don't think anyone can really know if God exists or not. But I do. I know He exists.
Jordan: Yeah, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.
Harmony: I mean, I feel him. I hear him. Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there. Take gravity for instance.
Jordan: Maybe we should talk about something else.
Harmony: You're uncomfortable talking about the Lord.
Jordan: Yes.
Harmony: Why? Why don't you believe in him?
Jordan: ...because...well...I prayed to God a lot as a kid...and well, nothing ever changed. I dunno. I sorta feel like God if he or she exists sorta let me down.
Harmony: God didn't come through to you in times of trouble.
Jordan: I guess, sorta...
Harmony: Funny.
Jordan: What is?
Harmony: What were the troubles of your childhood?
Jordan: I-I don't feel ready to share that yet.
Harmony: Oh okay. I was just wondering because, I too had a crappy childhood. And I felt like maybe, we went through similar problems because we were both given up for adoption. I mean, if you don't get adopted right away, that can be bad.
Jordan: Yes. Foster homes.
Harmony: Some with bad people...
Jordan: ...yes. Bad people...
Harmony: ...I mean, I was...hurt. Molested.
Jordan: Wow, you're very open about it.
Harmony: Yes well, I've come to terms with it. It is a part of my past. I have to accept it, accept that it was terrible, and move on.
Jordan: Very wise.
Harmony: It's funny that you have difficulty believing in God because of issues with your childhood, because I believe in him for exactly the same reason.
Jordan: Wow. That is pretty interesting.
Harmony: No offense but you seem kind of closed-off.
Jordan: Well you seem to be pretty open, I'm not sure how I can compete with that.
Harmony: I am an open person. I didn't used to be-
Jordan: -'Once God entered your life though', right?
Harmony: You're also a bit cynical.
Jordan: I'm sorry...that was unkind.
Harmony: Well, I guess it’s understandable that you can’t really see where I'm coming from...
Jordan: This is too forced-
Harmony: I mean, after all, we were raised differently-
Jordan: It should be easier than this-
“Harmony: Yet, oddly the same-
Jordan: I feel like it should be easier to reconnect with your own sister.
Harmony: Good things take time. I'm sure you've heard that.
Jordan: Yes, but I've never really believed it.
Harmony: Well, believe it now.
Jordan: I'll try.
Harmony: Because, I want to make this work.
Jordan: Me too.
Harmony: -I mean, we've both been through some stuff...
Jordan: Some serious stuff...
Harmony: This is the one thing that's been missing from my life.
Jordan: I'm not sure its the only thing...
Harmony: So, even if it's hard, we should try our best.
Jordan: I agree.
Harmony: So...Republican? Democrat?


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