Evil Humans!

November 16, 2011
By Anonymous

I'm what humans call a spider. I wonder how you people will feel if we Spiders squished you evil humans.You see I'm in Sandy brain. Ive been living in this huge house for a while and me and my family have been plotting a plan. I crawled in here to write this letter to you humans.
Dear humans, I come in peace. You must listen to me and take this letter in consideration. By the end of 2011 you must stop killing our family. You see my father is a chief he controls our tribe.He's been getting furious and very depressed seeing you humans kill us. We will attack and destroy your world. We've been trying to locate our master Spider Man but he hasn't contacted us yet. I'm giving you a warning before we destroy you I speak very seriously when I say we will KILL ALL YOU HUMANS! We might be little but we can cause alot of damage. Now I will leave and summit this letter to the world.

P.S Spider Man our master if your reading this please contact us.

As I crawl out of Sandy's ear there goes the scream "MOM OH MY GOD" Sandy yelled. With anger I screamed back "YOU SELFISH FOOLS YOU WILL ALL BE DESTROYED!" last thing I ever saw was a shoe.

The author's comments:
Animals have feelings too.

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