Erasing Your Reflection

November 7, 2011
By Anonymous

I want to tell you that I see you sitting on the same bench, at the same time every day. I wonder aimlessly who you are talking to. I know you aren’t crazy, I know because you talk with such emotion, such a caring voice.
You reach down and skim the water with your fingertips, erasing your reflection. Do you think you will find something different when the ripples calm down? Do you want to bring back something that you lost many years ago? You look so determined, so strong. Some days you cry though. I see. I see the pain in your eyes. I want to help, I really do. You look so sad, lonely even.
We are similar, you and I. We talk and talk, no one ever answers. Maybe they do, maybe we can’t hear them. It scares me. One day we might need another person. I feel so silent, mute . Keep remembering, remembering whoever you are talking to. Those memories might be the only thing you have left.
When you erase your reflection, it makes me feel like I can too. Except I can’t. I really wish I could. That relates to our lives, I guess. We try to erase our past, what we used to be. We want to change, become better. I want another chance at life…don’t you? I could live more; laugh more, love more even. I want to erase my reflection.
I feel like I know you; like you are part of me. I wonder if you lost the one you loved most dearly. I hope you are happy though, it’s okay to be sad once in a while. Maybe one day you and I will meet. For now, I’ll see you same time, same place tomorrow.

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