Diary of a Psycho - Liars, Cheaters, and Suck-Ups 8/27/11

November 5, 2011
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Well, here we go...
I am officially the freakiest person in the entire school. Turns out it's not a secret that I stalked Zach for a year, so...
And then that...*scene*.
Also, Alisa officially hates me. She was in the hospital for a week with a concussion and quite a head injury. I must've been more "peed off" than I realized. I credit my brother for the clean, simple, and censored version of describing my feelings on that one.
Oh, and to add onto all of that, Amber hates me too. The only one being supportive is Airianna, who thinks what I did was awesome, she deserved it and my actions were totally justified.
She thinks I shouldn't have gotten suspended for the same week that Alisa was in the hospital.
Oh, plus the fact that I now have to go through a month of counseling with the school counselor, the overly-friendly and slightly creepy Mrs. Smithery.
Don't ask me why the H*** she has that name, but perhaps it's just a bit ironic because she's withering. Smithery, withery, you know. It all rhymes.
So, with Alisa's first few days of "grief counseling", I was in the next room, waiting my turn. If I wouldn't have gotten in trouble for it, I would've pulled out my notebook and started writing, or better yet, I would've plugged myself into my Hannah Montana MP3 Player. (It's from a short-lived Hannah phase, but hey, it's still a music player! And it's the only one I'm allowed to use.)
But God, I think getting in trouble for listening to the uncensored version of "Not Afraid" by Eminem (the only rap song I like enough to listen to all the time) or Lacey Mosely screaming her lead vocals for her band, Flyleaf, would've been much better than listening to Alisa's fake crying and whining.
Seriously, if anyone was an attention-seeking w****, it's her and not Bloodstainedhowl.
Here's how some of it went (I won't make you throw up and shoot yourself by torturing you with the whole thing.):
Smithery: "So, is everything going okay with you?"
Alisa: "Well, my best friend tried to kill me, so no."
(EXCUSE ME?! YOU tried to make ME kill MYSELF by EMBARRASSING me to death!)
S: "Well, why do you think she did that? I mean, it seemed so...sudden, completely unprovoked."
A: "Exactly. I didn't even DO anything! She just started screaming at me and then hit me on the head with her mental health book!" -crying ensues-
(Oh. My GOD. You've GOT to be kidding me.)
S: "Yes, well, it might seem that way to you, but I've been told otherwise."
A: "By who? Tyler, who lies about turning in his homework all the time?"
S: "No, by one of the teachers. Apparently you screamed out in the middle of the hallway something about Kristen kissing another girl, and that's what made her mad."
A: "Well, how old WAS this teacher?"
S: "Mr. Thrink is in his fifties."
A: "It seems to me he might keel over soon, because that is NOT how it happened."
At this time, I was really - erm, INSANELY MAD.
So, I walked through the door and said, "Excuse me? But are you seriously trying to get even MORE attention than you deserve? You're like the frikin' SCUM on the bottom of a dead guy's SHOE, suckin' up to the ninety-year-old school counselor, drama queen. Tell it like it is and take the blame instead of trying to make me look like the trash here. Oh, and 'mental health book'? Really?"
I shook my head in disappointment.
"I apologize for interrupting your 'GRIEF COUNSELING', but I just wanted to make it clear that all this grief is totally fake. She doesn't give a s*** about me, and no, I don't care that I just cussed in front of a staff member." I stopped Alisa before she could even start on me.
"Yeah, just like you wanted to make me so depressed so I wouldn't want to come to school anymore. So I wouldn't care about life and kill myself, just so you wouldn't have to deal with me. You've shown it more than once.
"Well, guess what? You're the one who keeps bringing me back here, so what do you want this time?"
"Nothing more than the truth." She smiled wickedly.
"What do you mean by that?" I was too exasperated to even attempt to throw a swear in to show her how mad I was.
"Oh, you'll see... I promise."

Well, either I'm gonna have to kill myself or Alisa's gonna beat me to it.


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