Who You Really Are

November 7, 2011
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There are many different ways to see and interpret people with their actions. However, we all have the same flaw. There is a rush on discrimination among each other that crowds children's', teenagers', and even adults' emotions every day.

As people we all have the instinct that we must thrive with the crowds to survive. Perhaps with the cases of bullying these days this fear is being even more enforced. Yet, it's an unnecessary precaution. Even if you have pretended to be someone else in your life to stay "safe". There is always going to be someone talking behind your back about who they only think you are. Inside, you will only lose yourself to suffer the same fate as you might have, but as a very unhappy person.

If you take on the risk which is truly a gain by being who you really are, people can't stand in your way. There will always be a self confidence about you that will inspire others to take a hand in their lives to mold them into a shape of their own.

Bullying is causing many deaths of victims in this world. So many people are getting hurt anymore and some people are just so cruel anymore that human beings are losing feeling and faith. We don't need martyrs now, though I don't wish to undermine the loses of lives, we need believers who can stand for what they want. The world can't hear you if your gone.

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