Can't Go Back

November 4, 2011
It is normal for a teenager to wish going back in life and correcting the mistakes that he/she has made. Well this story is also about such a teenager whose life was pretty good even after doing so many mistakes and taking at least zillion WRONG TURNS in life. She had nice and caring friends, maybe not the most popular friends in school but good friends. And she had learned a lesson worth remembering during these mistakes and wrong turns.
This is a story of a girl named Amanda. She had a good or what some people call a rich life.24 hrs servants, Lavish food every day, etc. Her mind describer this life to her as the perfect life. She had some good friends like, Mellissa, Lucy, and Leslie. But her best friend was Lucy-all secrets were shared, knew everything about each other, etc. Amanda and Lucy were good in studies but not toppers like Mellissa and Leslie. As years passed Amanda became closer to Mellissa and put Lucy in the category of friends. By class third her best friend was Mellissa. But due to family problems and parents divorce Mellissa had to move to another town. Now Amanda was ready to take Lucy as her best friend again. But Lucy had become too jealous. The jealous monster has consumed 3/4th of her soul. And the rest 1/4th was consumed by Leslie. Leslie was so jealous of Amanda for stealing her *now X* best friend that she would do anything to make Amanda’s life miserable. She started pulling Amanda towards herself and made Lucy look bad in Amanda’s eyes. In fifth Amanda got chosen as a student council member but Leslie THE TOPPER of the class did not get chosen. So she manipulated Lucy and made her send anonymous mails to Amanda. The mails said “you r a poser” or “I know you paid the headmistress to get in” or “no one wants to be your friend anymore” etc. When Amanda complained about these notes Leslie put all the blame on Lucy and made Amanda’s respect for Lucy go to “0%”{but still Amanda did not break her friendship with Lucy}. This act made Leslie a villain or as better described a DEVIL. . In the end of fifth grade everyone had to choose one of three subjects as third language for sixth. Amanda chose French, somehow Leslie had also chosen French, and Lucy also chose French after seeing what her friends had chosen. But in sixth Lucy got separated from Amanda and Leslie, she was in a different division. Leslie was a topper so she wanted to make an impression on teachers therefore she sat with Amanda whose impression was already set on teachers the whole semester but during lunch and break she would go hang out with the COOL girls. She wanted to be cool cause she thought that she had everything Looks, Brains, and Charm(which she did not!!). Amanda on the other hand was unknowingly making some new and nice friends as well. Her new friend was a tomboy and pretty popular among –well everyone (a.k.a she was also part of what people say the “COOL” species). Her name was Kayla. Around the corner Lucy had made some or maybe a plenty of new friends and she had been asked out by the “OH-SO-CUTE” -“Mike.” He was a year older than Lucy. In seventh Amanda became very good friends with Kayla. This new friendship was VERY disturbing news for Leslie and she planned to do something about it. Meanwhile Amanda got a major crush on Mike’s younger brother named Zeke. He was even cuter than Mike. She kept her crush to herself because she knew that her best friend Kayla was also crushing on him although she was denying it. One day Leslie heard Amanda and Kayla talking about Zeke. And she went and “accidently” told the schools “gossip Queen” that Kayla is crushing on Zeke and in about 5seconds this was all around the school well cause Zeke and Kayla were one of the most popular people in school. When Kayla got the news she was very devastated and so so very embarrassed and Leslie told her that she heard Amanda telling Lily-The gossip queen the name of Kayla’s now not-so-secret-secret-crush’s name. Kayla became shattered and got so angry at Amanda that she did not even listen to what Amanda had to say. Leslie’s plan was successful. Well now Amanda had no choice but to shift to some new group of friends or at least try to- and only one group was left to go to-------the one people called loser group. When she started talking to them and hanging out with them she couldn’t make out what was so wrong with them to be called the loser group...In fact they had more fun, more allowance and sometimes more people asking them out than those so called POPULARS. Gradually Amanda realised that She was starting to enjoy her life once again, but she did wonder at times what her life would have been like if she had never became friends with Mellissa then she and Lucy would still be friends, or if she hadn’t pick up the topic of Zeke the other day when Leslie had heard them, then she and Kayla would’ve been best friends till now. During this journey of her 14 year old life the main thing she learned was that no matter how many mistakes you make or how many wrong turns you take, the life you are living now is the best and you shouldn’t care about “What Ifs” because no matter what you do and how much you try YOU CAN’T GO BACK......................

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