Chasing Pavements

November 8, 2011
By Everhaunting BRONZE, Berwyn, Illinois
Everhaunting BRONZE, Berwyn, Illinois
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He always hated doing runs in such a public setting. It always was as if he was wearing a neon sign the screamed “COKEDEALER”, but apparently, Estelle was Nathan’s best customer. He pulled his bottom lip into his mouth worrying it with his teeth. He grimaced when the tall brunette sat down next him. He glanced around the room; it held about ten chairs and chairs and only three were currently occupied including his own. He didn’t understand why this woman had to sit next to him. He turned his body away from her not wanting to give her the idea that he was up for conversation. He was tired; he needed out, he couldn’t do this anymore.
“Hallen?” a woman called from the doorway, she was small and had wavy brown hair, that she obviously spent her mornings flat ironing. Hallen cringed at the use of his first name; he much rather the clients use his last name in case there are any busybodies who have the bright idea of listening in on their conversation. He rose from the seat and walked to the woman. He turned to the woman that had sat down next to him, she had a name tag and she wore scrubs with paw prints on them. The name tag read Anayazti in bold letters. Her long brown hair framed her heart-shaped face, and her big brown eyes told him that there was more to her then he first thought. She was the type of girl that he could fall in love with; if he had believed in love. He walked past the nurse in the doorway to room number five. It’s the same room they’ve used for the past deals. He hopped onto the small table, pulling the baggie from his pocket and throwing it to the woman.
“You want a hit?” the woman asked as she began to line the powder on the counter next to the sink.
“No, Estelle, just give me the money so I can get out of here.” He pulled out a cigarette and rolled it between his lips. The woman, Estelle, turned around and smiled.
“You know you can’t smoke in here.” She pulled a pre-rolled dollar bill from her pocket.
“You’re stalling, take your hit and give me the money. Nathan expects me back by noon.” He rolled his eyes not want to deal with her any longer. He glanced around the room. The room was a pediatric room. The walls were decorated with dinosaurs in cars and he assumed that they used to be bright and vibrant colours, but they have faded over the years to the pale and dingy mess they are now. He was snapped out of his thoughts to Estelle’s ringed fingers snapping in his face.
“Do you want the money or not?” the smirk was evident in her voice. He looked her over; a lazy smile on her face, her eyes blown out wide, and a slight sniffle cut the silence ever so often. She made him sick. He wondered, did she have a family at home, a lover, children, someone who depended on her? Do they know she is slowly killing herself? Something clicked in his head, and he realized it wasn’t disgust he was feeling for her, it was pity. She was stuck in a rut just the same as he was, and there was no getting out of it for her. He snatched the money from her and began to walk out the door.
“Hallen.” He stopped, not wanting to turn around. He wanted to run and not stop, he knew he couldn’t. He turned slow to face the small brunette. She was spraying the counter down with some chemical mixture that was supposed to remove all traces of residues.
“Same time next week.” She didn’t even look up at him when she said it, but it wasn’t a question. The both knew he would be.
No! He wants to shout at her, he wants to tell her he quits and to tell Nathan he needs a new runner, but he can’t so he sighs a quiet

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