one last time

November 12, 2011
By Morales_Sofia96 SILVER, St- Hyacinthe, Other
Morales_Sofia96 SILVER, St- Hyacinthe, Other
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I stood in front of the mirror yet again to check my outfit. I thought it looked ok but, would it be enough for him?

This is when my mind took a rocket to the moon and I found myself awkwardly standing in front of the mirror, eyes fixed on the reflection of my shoes.
for a minute or two, my thoughts were an avalanche of what ifs. What if he kissed me? What if he wanted more than a simple kiss? What if he didn't like me? Oh God! What if I spilled juice on myself? Or worst, what if I spilled juice on him, clumsy as I was? What if he took me somewhere, that somewhere had a bed, he kissed me, then he started to undo my shirt, and then...
"Hey!", I jumped, startled, and turned to see it was just Sam from behind me in her usual all too loud voice.
"Dude, your feet look fine. No need to so fixedly stare at them for hours as if the longer you stare, the hotter they'll look. Not like guys look at your feet much so chill. Whose the date with?"
I had known Sam since high school and, when we went off to college we decided to become roommates.Here I was now, with her watchful eyes always on me. It had been proven to me that in fact, someone could know you too well. Sam seemed to read my mind about everything and she always seemed to know what I was doing or thinking and sometimes, even what i hadn't even thought yet but i was about to.
In this case, I hadn't even mentioned my date to her because I knew she would somehow already know.
I turned to her, laughter in my eyes and answered, "His name is Michael. Michael Mereic."
A look of disbelief came to her face, just like I had expected. "OMG! You mean THE Michael Mereic from our biology class?" This is when she started jumping up and down, clapping her hands and giggling.
I nodded and blushed. I couldn't believe it myself that Michael had actually asked me to dinner. "Just the two of us.", he had even specified.
Michael was the cutest, sweetest guy you could meet. His black hair was cut short and emphasized his adorable, light, brown eyes. I loved those eyes but had never been brave enough to look in them.
"He's French! Oh Amber! You're so lucky! Any guy can fall for you so easy! But, I must admit, this is still quite shocking. He seems like the type of guy who deserves a Paris fashion model and nothing less.", she told me with a glint in her eyes that said she was just joking about the last part of that.
But, I loved joking around with her so i couldn't help but say, "So you're calling me fat and ugly?", I questioned with a hurt, dismayed look on my face.
"Oh, be quiet! You know i was joking." At this, we both laughed and hugged like old friends. Sometimes, I liked Sam and felt lucky she was my friend.
"So how's my outfit?", I asked her, biting my bottom lip in doubt.
She looked me up and down, walked around me and finally said, "You. Look. GORGEOUS!"
I blushed again and grabbed my keys and purse. "Why, thank you.", I replied while making my way to the door. i stepped out onto the drafty hall and called back, "I'll be back at around 11 so don't lock the door 'cause I lost my house keys.", I took a deep breathe and started to walk away after saying, "Wish me luck!"
If I had only known this would be the last time I saw her.
The date went very well. i had been right, he did kiss me and it was the most amazing moment of my life. his kisses were magical.
Time passed and then, i found myself in his car, driving home. This was when a weird feeling of anticipation overpowered the previous feeling of love mixed with a bit of lust cursing through by body.
When we reached the dorms, there were police cars parked in front and yellow caution tape around the old maple tree in the corner of the lawn of the building. I could see under the tree a bundle. It looked like an overstuffed trash bag.
I got out of the car, puzzled, with Michael walking next to me. Halfway to the door, a police officer approached us and said in a dark, husky voice, "Are you Amber White?"
"Yes, why do you ask..."
he interrupted me and said, "Your roommate, Samantha Crosswalle, was found dead about 4 hours ago.", when he told me, my jaw dropped and the word 'dead' echoed over and over in my head. i felt Michael put his arms around me then heard the officer continue to say, "Her remains were found in that trash bag over there, under the tree. Her body was cut into pieces and stuffed in the bag. Our specialists who briefly saw the body say that it is obvious from the destruction and condition of some body parts, that she was sexually abused. Her body is nude. There is one puzzle still unsolved though. Her skin is covered by 'X' shaped burns and... her heart is missing. We will have to arrange for you to come to an interview to obtain more information. Go over to our secretary over there and..."
I didn't hear the rest of what he said. My vision was slowly clouded by black fog and then, i felt myself falling and my eyes closing.
I awoke in what i recognized as Michael's apartment and his bed, the smell of bacon and coffee filled the air. I saw Michael coming towards me, dressed in all black.
It hadn't been a dream. sam really was gone forever.
I heard myself scream and burst into tears. Michael then rushed to me and held me in his arms.
I had always hated how i never realized how much i loved someone or something and how lucky i was to have them, until i lost them.

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