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November 3, 2011
By the_liar BRONZE, Massapequa, New York
the_liar BRONZE, Massapequa, New York
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maybe is a baby that needs to be loved and cared for untill it screams out YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were to teens a boy and a girl that had been friends there hole life’s and the girl began to act different so one day the boy came up to her from behind and put his arms around her
Soon she laughed and said come on mike get off of me
The boy replied no
So she try to pull away but he wouldn’t let go and she says again whinnying this time come on please I need to get home
So he says again no
Then before the girl can respond he says no I am your seat belt I will never let go the day we met all those years ago. you strapped your self in and now I will never let go even when the road is calm and slow you may think its safe and try to pull away. but there no way I am letting go because I am here so when the road is dark or you take a wrong turn I can see you through till the end we will be inseparable together and you can know that I am here your seat belt safe and sound in my arms when your scared or you feel are connection is week don’t break away just stay and give me a tug even the smallest trip or mistake I will be there grabbing you it is and always will be my job to keep you safe your trust is all I need to make shore I can help you so let me be as wish to and you will see I am your seat belt forever and I mean for always
Ok that’s cute she said but now let me have a go
You’re my seat belt right ok then lets take this turn as long as your with me and you want to follow each one of my words lets take a long trip back the age of drama middle school we through fits got grounded for most of are days and tended to not listen to a word any one else would say and when we snuck out and met at the old pond are secret meeting place we decided then and there you and me mike and Clair agents the world no madder what wow we really have had some crazy times like when we tried to run away in 10th but we got only 3 blocks before I began to cry and say mike I am sorry but I am to scared I love my mommy and daddy please take me home I regret running wow that was dumb but then you said
But before she could let the words out he said of course I do I sat down right there on park place and lake view right next to you I put my arm around you and said don’t worry I am hear for you I just couldn’t stand seeing your big brother hitting you we can go home its fine don’t cry for me but I may need to teach Tommy a lesson you laughed and we both smiled
Girl- yet we never got up we just sat for a wile laughing and talking then my mom drove up and began to yell were have you been its nearly a quarter to 12! God the time it just flew but when got home.
Boy- when we did your brother was drunk I walked you inside and your parents told me I was staying the night because my pop had just got in a huge fight at the dock so he wouldn’t be home then Tommy just walked up to me saying your so dumb why do you hang around Clair I couldn’t hold back
You warned him first to watch what he said about me then he just laughed at you
Boy- you tried to stop it by hopping between us and then he just pushed you to the floor I went to help you up then I saw the blood were you had hit your head I told you to go hide in you room but instead you wouldn’t move you were passed out I stood up and went to get my keys to drive you to a doctor even if I had no license it had to be done I was 16 and knew how to drive
Girl- I wish you didn’t then maybe it wouldn’t have happened
Boy- but it did mister foot ball tried to stop me I punched him and he didn’t wait to fight back but I had to get you out of there so I just pushed him in the closet and locked him up then ran for my keys picked you up got us both in the car
Girl- I remember the engine as it roared
Boy- ya as Tommy ran out the door I sped away I just needed for you to be ok
Girl- its been 2 years and a month wow we graduate this year how the time just slips away its been 2 years 1 month since you saved my life
Boy- since your brother was locked away and that night I nearly lost you wow thank god we got away
Girl- all because of you my seat belt and how you will never let go because of the fight that began in 8th grade of Clair and mike vs. the world

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i love this one

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