The Storm

November 3, 2011
By cooleo BRONZE, Summerfield, Florida
cooleo BRONZE, Summerfield, Florida
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David is awakened by his 70’s style alarm clock and lightning that seemed to explode into his mid-sized apartment. He glared at the clock through the grime the sand man had left on his shadow-black lashes, 7:45 he’s late. In an attempt to quickly stretch his blue and yellow tie-dye tee over his head, he glimpsed out the window that had a beautiful mural of tropical waves and palm trees painted delicately on the glass, and realized a storm was coming. He raced down flights of stairs just in time to reach the only bus to the coast as it screeched to a stop.
When he stepped off the bus the sky was a dark shade of magenta and the rumbling off in the distance sounded like a base drum in the marching band. David knew that it was the perfect weather for an experienced wave rider, but he, inexperienced, knew that it was not the right weather for him. So this trip to the coast was just to watch the rapid waves, to smell the sweet rain and salty water as it sprinkles onto his sugar brown skin. To be completely opposite of his extremely hazardous nature.
David could not resist being a little dangerous, even if he came here to be safe; he just had to take a risk. Before David could really think about what he was about to do his legs took control and he jumped over the rail, planted his heels on the incredibly small concrete ledge, stretched his arms out behind him to grip the rail and then thought. At this moment, he realized he had not planted his heels on the edge of the dock, but on the edge of terror.

The now sky-high waves seemed to jump out at him like cannon balls nearly knocking him off the ledge with every brutal hit. David was now petrified to his unbelief. There was no escape from the now crystal clear reality. If only there was an inch more of concrete ledge, or there was not a storm in the making, or there were not deadly waves and razor sharp rocks around him, then maybe he could jump back over the rail or swim to safety. Except none of that was about to happen anytime soon. David now knows, more than ever, that he is going to die.

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