Kill My Love

November 3, 2011
The best day of my life. Sitting on the bridge letting my feet dangle in the water. The love of my life sitting next to me, staring intensely into his reflection. I wanted to ask him what was wrong but I couldn’t let myself look away from his beautiful pale face! He looked up at me and I lost my breath. The look of his long black hair against those sharp blue eyes and pale skin left goose bumps on my arms and legs. I felt my face heat up and he smiled. Lifting his hand up, he caressed my cheek. Then there was an awkward silence. He reached over to kiss me. His head suddenly shifted to the side so he could whisper in my ear. He said the most disappointing thing that can be said in a moment like this. “I would rather be with you out of this sad world.” It left a frown on my face. I was confused. “What do u mean?” I wondered. He put his hand in his hoodie pocket and pulled out a small gun. I was in doubt. He took the gun to my head and let one tear hit his face. I sat. I “love you.” He said, “Forever and always!” I couldn’t help but smile. “John, u don’t have to do this! I can…….”

My afterlife could not be more amazing. The only thing that was missing was the water.

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