Without words

October 29, 2011
By Anonymous


I check my reflection one last time in the mirror. Green eyes framed by an oval face and bleach blond hair stare back. Almost pleased with myself I put on pink lip gloss and head out the door catch a taxi and before I know it I’m on my way to the agency. I don’t really pay attention on the ride to the agency but I do notice that driver seems extremely nervous and also extremely young. He’s also pretty cute with his brown side swept hair and hazel eyes that peer back at me through the rear view mirror every once in a while. I thought about flirting with him or at least holding a conversation he really seemed like he could use someone to talk to but I decided not to. I really needed to think about this shoot. I was going to my first big modeling gig and I couldn’t afford to be distracted once I got there. My face was going to be on advertising a new makeup line called New Day and if I didn’t do well I had been repeatedly reminded that I was easily replaceable. If they replaced me who knew what that would mean for the rest of my career. It would probably be much harder to get a booked for a photo shoot, who knew I could even get black listed or something. I wondered if there was even a black list for models, I bet there was and good gosh I could never end up on one of those…


This was my first solo taxi drive, all the other times my grandpap had been in the car instructing me what to do but he was sick today and the bills had to be paid somehow. The girl in the rear view seat looked like she was ready for a fashion show; at least her clothes did, besides for lip gloss her face was abstained from any traces of makeup. She was really pretty though, I glanced at her again through my rearview mirror she caught my gaze, looked as if she was going to say something but then looked out the window instead. Oh crap,I was almost 20 miles above the speed limit, thank goodness no cops were around, I focused on the road for a while but couldn’t help looking back at her. She was still looking out the window but now she was mouthing words and her facial expressions were constantly changing. Okayyyy…. I thought, well she’s a little bit different. I was about to break the silence and ask her if she was all right when we reached her stop. She quickly got out and rushed up the steps towards a big modeling agency. I knew she looked ready for a fashion show.

The author's comments:
I havn't written in a long time and I'm a little rusty but i want to get back into it,

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