No More

October 29, 2011
By , Darrington, WA
You think that just because I gave it all before that I will do it now? I will never be treated that way again. You will not control me, never again. I can't handle this anymore I just want you to go away. It's taken me years to accept the truth, taken so long for me to forgive you. Please don't make me regret reaching that point.

I'm sick of hurting, I'm done living in fear. I'm calling you out because one of us cannot stay here. I will leave but if I do I won't look back. I will walk away without a tear. I understand who you are but I will not allow you to come back here and ruin my life, not after I just got my smile back.

I suffered for a long time because of you, I will not suffer anymore. I realize now that I was terrified of you because I knew what you were capable of, but I'm stronger now. I will stand up to you, I will become your worst nightmare if you continue to push me. I am not scared of you any more, of course my courage might be because of my anger that I hold inside.

It's taken me years to gather this courage but now that I finally have it, I will defeat you. Blind with murderous rage, waiting for my chance to strike, to take you down. I dare you to try my patience, I want you to push me because I know you don't believe me. I want you to see that I'm not the same person, I just don't care anymore.

One step further now and lets see who wins this battle. I am not scared of losing but you will have a fight now, I won't back down until I'm dead. I know what I believe in, I know what I want and I want you gone. Your not as strong as you believe, your just a bully, surviving off the fear of others. I will defeat you or I will die trying.

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can_you_keep_a_secret said...
Nov. 7, 2011 at 3:01 pm
i like it. It's very relatable... if that's spelled right? But, anyways i feel there should have been more of a story in it. Considering it's under the story section. It's kinda just like a journal entry. Not entirely classified into one specific genre. It rambles a bit also. But, all in all. I loved your inspiration. 5 stars(;
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