Hometown glory

November 1, 2011
By Everhaunting BRONZE, Berwyn, Illinois
Everhaunting BRONZE, Berwyn, Illinois
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The diner was a hum with the sounds of the late afternoon rush; the sounds of knives and forks scraping against plates, and the chatter from the different tables. The air was thick with the smell of bacon and tension. No one seemed to notice the two teen-aged girls in a booth in the back of the diner; the light above their table flickering every so often.

“If you don’t let it out you’re gonna let it eat you away.”

“There’s nothing to talk about. I’m perfectly fine.”Her eyes raked over the menu in front of her.

“Who are you trying to convince? Me or yourself?” Nina watches as the waitress made her way to their table.

“What can I get for you guys?” The woman asked.

“Can I get a double cheeseburger with bacon? No tomatoes or onions and a sprite.” The waitress turned to Charlotte.
“And for you hun?”
“Just a glass of water with a lemon wedge.”
“Don’t give me that look, Nina.”
“You’ve lost fifteen pounds in the past two weeks, Charlotte.” Charlotte just looked away.
“What did you eat today?” Nina insisted.
“I had breakfast this morning.”
“Really? What did you have?”
“Man, I wish they would fix this light the flickering gives me a headache.”She pinched the bridge of her nose.
“You’re avoiding the question.”
“What kind and what time did you wake up?” Nina was not going to let this drop.
“I—” Charlotte was interrupted by the waitress returning with their order.
“Thank you.”
“Here have half, I will never be able to finish this.” Nina said cutting the burger in half.
“No, no. I’m fine, my mom’s making dinner. She’ll be mad if I don’t eat at home.”
“A couple of fries won’t spoil your dinner will it?”Nina pushed the plate closer.
“I really shouldn’t.”
“Come on!” Nina picked the burger up and shoved it towards Charlotte’s face.
“Will you stop waving the burger in my face if I say yes?”
“Possibly.” Nina laughed.
“Fine, hand me that half.”Charlotte reached for the burger as her phone began to ring.
“Sorry, it’s my mom. I’ll be right back.” She slide out of the booth and began walking towards the door.
“ Hello? Hey mom, no, I won’t be home for dinner.” She paused and turned to look at the booth where Nina sat.
“Yeah, I’m getting a bite to eat with Nina. I’ll be home later. I love you too.” She slides her phone back into her pocket and heads back inside the dinner.
“Hey, my mom wants me home for dinner now. I’ll talk to you later.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out a couple of crinkled bills, throwing them on the table for the tip.
“Okay, I guess I’ll text you later.”

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