He Was Never Really Gone

October 28, 2011
By CreativeWriter86 PLATINUM, None, Louisiana
CreativeWriter86 PLATINUM, None, Louisiana
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She was sitting in the first row. This was not easy. It was very hard for her to sit through this funeral. It wouldn’t have been so hard but this was her Grandpa’s funeral. She sat there and listened to the preacher talk about her grandpa and how good of a man he was. This was the man that had taught her everything. He patiently taught her how to fish. He talked about life and he taught her about it. He had taught her how to shoot that ’22 in the back of his closet that now sits in hers. With every nice word that the preacher said about this man, Savanna felt the tears build up. She didn’t know why but she knew he was gone, but she didn’t believe it. He started telling stories about her grandpa, she couldn’t take it, she jumped up out of her seat and burst out of the doors. She ran down to the pond where her grandpa had taught her to fish, she looked to the other side of the bank and saw fond memories of tangled lines and her first fish. The tears got hotter and hotter. She kept trying to escape the memories. She ran down the side of an old dirt road. She then realized that this is the road he had taught her to drive on. She saw the faint memory and tried to outrun the truck. It wasn’t hard because she was driving slow. She ran on down to the hunting lease, why had she picked this spot. She saw the fond memory of killing her first deer. Things slowed down. She saw the faintest sight of the deer and she then saw the bullet slowing down charging for the deer. Time caught up with her and the bullet went back to regular speed and killed the deer. She ran again. This time she had found her way to his small little house in the woods. She walked onto the porch and stopped in front of his door. She closed her eyes and pushed the door the open. She opened her eyes back up and took a look around. She looked at all the pictures. She found her way to the kitchen and looked back at the living room. She looked at the floor. She saw the memory of the time they had played horse. Her grandpa put her on his back and crawled around in circles. She let out more hot salty tears. She went and sat down on the couch. She just looked around. That’s when she saw a note on the table. She jumped up and grabbed it. It read,

Dear my sweetest Savanna,

I am sorry that I am not here for you. I know your hurt but I don’t want you to be sad. I am living peacefully in Heaven with our Father. I know we had lots of fun together. Remember when we went fishing and when you cast you took my lucky fishing hat right off. Remember that I love you and I am always up above.



She was amazed she believed in miracles but an actual letter that her angel of a granddad wrote for her. She was still a little upset but she then realized she had never really lost him, just a part of him. He was and will always be with her.

When she visits her Grandma there now, she looks at the table and remembers that memory of that note and the love that was there.

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