Proving a Point by Pranking

October 28, 2011
By Anonymous

Two boys, named Jacob and Ryan, are considered the Halloween pranksters. Every year they have a terrifying prank and someone always gets scared. The boys have been warned before by police because they have damaged some property before… this year, it just got worse.

You see, Jacob’s and Ryan’s parents have been friends since high school. “Back in the day”, they did some pranking as well, but they never came in close contact with police and never did any damage to property. When they found out about how bad their son’s pranks were becoming, they decided to pull a prank on them. The police this year will definitely be showing two boys the “bad way” to downtown.

This Halloween, the boys came up with a “great plan” which consisted of going to the graveyard, tee-peeing some trees along with some graves, and “fixing” the graves up a bit. Jacob knew this wasn’t going to be a good idea, but sure enough he was going along with it. Ryan even drew out a map of where the police aren’t on “watch duty” so there would be no possible way of being caught. Here’s the thing about Ryan, he’s a dare devil. He isn’t afraid of any consequences and isn’t afraid to do something insanely regretful, as long as he gets a thrill out of it. On the other hand, Jacob is the total opposite. He gets worried when he knows he is about to do something he knows will have a horrible consequence or will ruin something for life.

Finally it’s Halloween night. Ryan and Jacob are ready. Jacob is over at Ryan’s and they have everything packed in backpacks; streamers, toilet paper and silly string. When they run downstairs and getting ready to leave the house, Ryan’s dad asks where they are headed to. The boys say just out to roam around, get a few pieces of candy, and later on head back. Ryan’s dad knew what they were doing after ease dropping the other night while the boys were planning their “scheme.” The boys left… now the parents are ready! Ryan’s dad calls the police and tells them the boys have left. The two families are very good friends with the sheriff, Jim Trell. Jim has a few of his policemen start to head out towards the city graveyard. This should be a fun night….

Jacob and Ryan are on their way. Ryan finally gets the nerve up to tell Jacob that this is a bad idea. Of course, Jacob tells him to shake it off and that there is no way of them being caught. It’s around 9pm and it is fairly dark. The boys walk into the graveyard. There is somewhat of a foggy mist near the ground. Ryan and Jacob are a little timid. They sit there bags down and pull out their things. Jacob starts to wrap some toilet paper around the tree limb and Ryan silly strings a grave… a small one first, then a larger one. All of the sudden, the boys here a crunch, like someone stepping on twigs and leaves. Ryan jumps a bit and tells Jacob that they need to leave. Jacob says it was just a dog or cat. Then they here it again and they both look in the direction of a flashlight and 3 policemen. One of the policemen tell them that they are going downtown.

Jim calls Ryan’s dad and says that he just received word that the boys are headed downtown to the police department. Jacob’s parents are with Ryan’s parents. They all begin to laugh about this whole scenario. This is definitely the best prank that they have done in years. Jacob’s dad says let’s get ready to go pick up some boys.

The boys walk into the police department hand-cuffed and shaking. One of the main policemen tell the sheriff (Jim), that they found some vandalism being done in the city graveyard. Jim tells the boys that this could cause them a night in a cell. Ryan begins to shake even worse. Jacob stood there trying not to look scared, but fails. Finally Ryan falls to his knees and begins to cry and plead. He tells Jim that there is no way he can stay; he will be dead once his parents find out. Soon there was a moment of silence and the policemen and Jim start to laugh so hard. The boys get a confused face and stare at each other. Then their parents come out of the back rolling with laughter. The boys were mad then. Jacob’s dad explains what they have been doing from the phone calls to the plan as a whole. Jim tells the boys that this was also video tapped to show other kids that being vandalists can cause problems. Jacob asks since this was all a prank, does it still mean they are in trouble. Jacob’s dad pats the two boys on the back and says quietly that two months without television and video games should do them good.

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