It is Life

October 28, 2011
By ragtopjeepluvr BRONZE, Banner Elk, North Carolina
ragtopjeepluvr BRONZE, Banner Elk, North Carolina
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You know what it feels like. That warmth and safety. The feeling of being. It can be simple, like a hug or a kiss, or far more complicated, like the thrill of skydiving or the rush of love. You know what it is, no matter what. You can tell the difference.

What matters is what you chose to do with it. The gift that you are given at birth. The things it amounts to are endless. People do crazy things with it. They make everything out of it, or they waste it and abuse it.

It is a miracle in itself.

What some don’t know is how quickly you can lose your grasp on it. One moment you are riding high, and then the next… boom. You’ve lost it. Most people don’t have it as firmly in their grasp as they think they do. It’s rather common, actually. Many get caught up in other things and tend to forget how important and fragile it is.

The most important thing about it is, though, is the fact that everyone is entitled to it. Although there are many who do not agree, it is true. Everyone deserves it. It is one of the only things in this world that cannot be disputed. Everyone is entitled to one.

Where it came from, nobody really knows. There are many theories, many reasons, many scientists and advocates that believe in their own explanations of where it came from. It is so fragile and powerful that sometimes one will feel that it might have come from some sort of divine intervention.

The only thing we know, is that we cannot live without it.

We flourish on it. We succeed on it. We bring and we take it. It is ours, no matter what. We can choose to do what we want with it. If we want to waste it, then we do. If we want to make the best of it, we do. Whatever pleases us, we do. Is there anything else you know that possesses that power? The power to do anything? We can do absolutely anything with it. Nobody can tell us what we can and what we can’t do with it. It is solely ours.

But good things, someone once said, always come to an end.

Is that really true? Is it really true? Does the one and only thing we have that is truly ours, expendable? Does it really come to an end? Or does it just continue, with another name, another title, another person?

The idea of losing it is pleasurable by some, and horrifying by others. We mourn the loss of it, and we celebrate the start of it. We celebrate, to a certain point, it’s age. The longer you keep it, the better it is. The longer you have it, the more you grow and know. A long time spent with it is revered by many, and respected. One who can keep theirs protected for year after year is someone who has patience and wisdom.

It is something to be cherished, and something to be revered, but never something to be afraid of. It should be celebrated, it should be appreciated, and it should be something that is worthy of pride, jealousy and love.

Because it is something that everyone should love.

And it is life.

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