Marble Girl

November 2, 2011
By JFM62696 SILVER, Hamlin, Iowa
JFM62696 SILVER, Hamlin, Iowa
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“You may think your all that, but I can beat you at a game of marbles!” I heard Ms. Louy say when Sam and Beck started to pull her pigtails.

Sam and Beck where the meanest kids around! They would cheat when they played marbles, even their marbles would cheat! I hate those marbles thinking there all that.

The bag was starting to open after Ms. Louy bet them to a game of marbles. She drew a circle in the dust on the ground, so we could start the game. Ms. Louy said that Sam and Beck could go first, out of the kindness of her heart. The boys went and they knocked out five marbles. You could hear the other marbles scream in pain. It was Ms. Louy’s turn to go. I was sitting in her hand ready to fly when one of the boys pulled her pigtails. She got up and threated to give him a nice, big shiner, but Old lady McCarter was walking by, so Ms. Louy polity put her fist down. She bent down and off I went! Five, ten, thirteen out of the ring! Ms. Louy had a big smile on her face. It was time for the boys to go, again. They shot and got eight out of the ring making the score thirteen to thirteen leaving 5 left in the circle. Ms. Louy shots and brings her score fifteen.

Beck makes a sly comment “Oh, this is going to be easy!”

Beck shoots and gets two more. There is only one more left. Ms. Louy lines up her shot… and… man do I really hate my job. Ms. Louy is Jumping with joy! She grabbed all her marbles and put them back in the bag, and stands up wiping the dust off her knees. Ms. Louy and I walk away with our heads held high, and Sam and Backs pride left in the dust losing to a girl and her marble.

The author's comments:
It's off a picture by Norman Rockwell. The Girl playing marbles.

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i really like it good description!


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