Lax Splash

October 31, 2011
By Anonymous

“We are here” my dad said as we drove into the driveway at the Baltimore North Sheraton Hotel. This was my fourth year going to Baltimore for a lacrosse tournament called Lax Splash. Every year I have gone to Lax Splash, I am always excited as the year I have gone previously.

After a four hour drive and studying for my 8th grade finals I was ready to get out of the car. In the car was my dad, my brother Gordon and the goalie for our team, Jackson. We unloaded our bags and took them into the lobby of the hotel. After my dad checked in atthe front desk and got the room key, we took the elevator up to the 6th floor.

“What room are we?” I asked my dad as we got out of the elevator.

“Room 625,” he said handing me the card for our room. When I opened the door it was just like all of the other rooms from previous years: Striped wall paper, the bathroom to the right of the door, a large TV, two queen sized beds and two uncomfortable chairs at the end of the room.

My dad said, “OK, lets go get some dinner.” We met up with my friend John and his dad and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, right next to the hotel.

After dinner my brother said, “We are going to the pool.”

I changed into my bathing suit and headed down to the 3rd floor where the pool was. When John, Jackson, and I got down to the pool, it was just like I remembered. There were glass walls around the pool and the large room echoed when you would say something. The pool was very warm and when you stomped on the bottom of the pool it would echo. After swimming for two hours, I headed back up to our room. I was tired and tomorrow was going to be a full day of Lacrosse.
The rest of three games we had on Saturday were at 7:30 in the morning at the fairgrounds and we were playing a team call Perry House. The fairgrounds were a horse racetrack with the middle of the racetrack filled with nine lacrosse fields. I was tired but excited to play lacrosse. The first game we played was a close one but we won 6 to 4. Our next game was not until one o’clock so we had a lot of time to pass.
Our next two games were at a park called Country House. The second game had gotten a lot hotter, and before the game even started I was already sweating.
The team we were playing was called Bel Air. That game I scored two goals and our team won 16 to 2. An hour later we played our third and final game of Saturday. We played a team from Towson County and that game our team won 12 to 3. After our third game, my dad, brother and I headed back to the hotel.
When I got back to the hotel, I took a shower and we had some lunch. Saturday night I went to bed early knowing that I was going to play another game in the first round of the playoffs.
This was the first time our team made the playoffs in the four year I had been going. I was both excited and nervous going to bed knowing I would be playing some of the best lacrosse teams in the country.
Early on Sunday morning, I got up and went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Our first game was at eight o’clock and we were playing a team called Cobra West. We were playing on a turf field at a local park. That game we won 10 to 4. After that game, we were going to the semi-finals of the B-Bracket under 15 boys.
Sadly that game we lost 8-3. We played well but not well enough. We lost to a team called Dragon that ended up winning in the finals. I was sad that we lost but still very happy that we had done so well. I was sad that it was the final year going to the tournament but I was so happy that it was the best I have ever done at Lax Splash.

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