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October 25, 2011
By MariaTunuviel BRONZE, Toronto, Other
MariaTunuviel BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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" The meaning of life is to find life a meaning"

I was one of those kids who didn't fit in. I did pretty well in school, I was brilliant in math, teachers liked me, but I was lonely. I just wasn't that type of person who is sociable and has real friends. No one really wanted to talk to me. Yes, I was a person who people wanted to work with, but I was just smart, it's not really me who they liked.
Then I realized I am not even that smart. Teachers used to like me, but I was finishing my work very late at night, or I'll have the 'I forgot it at home' excuse. I wasn't that hardworking.
Of course things improved. This year, my last year in elementary school, last year to see most of my classmates. I started working more, now I became more responsible. I also became more sociable. I had more friends, though some of them I could just talk to, and they really wouldn't, they will just go with someone else. I was more of an 'inside' person. I guess I just wasn't cool enough. Not cool enough for those people who had everything. No one will ever start talking to me, were they scared or something. I did I just seem of a nerd that didn't care about anything except school. I tried to say I am not interested in music when people sang songs I didn't know. I just didn't say anything when they talked about TV shows I never was allowed to watch. I just kept quiet and didn't show off.
But what was wrong with me? I was good at arts; the best girl in sports in the class; I was super smart; a good friend. What else? Or was I just boring?
Well, next year is going to be different. I am going to high school, new opportunities to get popular, get a lot of friends, be outgoing, stay smart, and be really successful. But I want to remember grade 8, remember those people I spent my childhood with, a lot of things changed this year. I don't want to go anywhere, but at the same time I do. It's teenage life.
Just forget it, girl. Live a life, things will come.

The author's comments:
That's how people feel. Lots of teenagers want to start everything over, to be able to fit in, and be better thought of.

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