Dance of the Swans

October 27, 2011
By Jo123 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Jo123 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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The most dedicated are always those with the highest ambitions. When dance comes to mind, it’s the girls who have their eyes set on the prize. They’re the ones who want to compete; and while competing, they want to win it all. There are two girls at this studio who want it all. Every day after school, they are at classes. After classes, those girls stay behind to have private sessions.These are dedicated dancers; and nobody can take what they do away from them, except for the judges, that is.
These two girls put everything they have on the line, and all they get back are scores that tell them who they are. Out of the two, not one is better than the other; but there is a rivalry between them. If there is a competition, they are always up against each other. In practice, they are close friends; but as soon as they go home they pray that the other does terrible in the next rehearsal or competition. Always wanting to be on top, the girls push themselves to the absolute limit.
If there was to be a favorite, it would be the youngest of the two, Natalie. Natalie has been dancing all her life, and she has no limits to how hard she aims to be the top dancer of the company. Natalie is always getting extra rehearsal time, and she almost always has a solo dance.
Brigid, the other girl, has the most beautiful personality that you will ever find. The charisma of the girl shines through when she dances on stage. A very talented girl, who accepts that Natalie is favored, but she is willing to do all she can to get a little extra attention from Deena Olivers the company owner.
Deena Olivers is the toughest of the tough! Nobody beats her girls at anything. Deena makes sure that each has a fair shot; though everybody has favorites, right? How can it be possible not to choose one over the other? We do that every day for the smallest of things, so shoulddn’t she get to choose a dancer to be the apple of her eye?
Brigid was at the studio when Natalie walked in. Brigid, confused from always being left in the dark, was livid. This was her time; and of course, Deena had to bring in the favorite, Natalie.
As Natalie walked in, she could tell that Deena hadn’t told Brigid that she was coming. With a smug smile, she pranced across the floor to Brigid. “Did you hear that we will be doing a duet together?”
“What!?” Brigid was now more than livid; she was absolutely furious. How could Deena take away her solo? She was basically throwing the fact that she favored Natalie right in her face! This was not the way a dance company should work!
“Yeah, we will be dancing together so that we can win it all. doubtt that we wouldn’t have anyway; but at least, now, we won’t be competing against each other. Isn’t that so smart of Deena?” Natalie was enjoying the fact that she had known all of this, and Brigid knew nothing.
Brigid, on the other hand, wanted to throw up! The entire year she had been working on Deena; and finally, she had the chance to prove that she was better than Natalie! Just watch as Deena gives Natalie the best part, and Brigid gets the lamest and most boring part.
Deena watched as the two danced gracefully, giving and taking equally from each other. The story of light and darkness being told through the movements made by the best dancers she had ever taught. The light was a weak part, but graceful and beautiful. The darkness part, took away the pureness of the “angle” and in turn was the stronger part. Brigid was the best for this part; she had this way of carrying the story on her face, but Natalie has always been a pure dancer.
The gracefulness of the two seemed like the dance of fish swimming in the ocean, or a dance of two, long
-necked, graceful swans.

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hey girl I love this piece! hahahaha I read it in class too.

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