Which Way to Go

October 21, 2011
A thin line that leads up to two roads, roads masked with yellow leaves and with every step, a leaf breaks. A step to the right, crunch, boys and girls play in a hot summer day. A little boy with a black suit and hair that's almost white sways to you to come forward. You're so amazed by his innocence that you take a step forward. His light blue eyes remind you of a brother that you once had.The problem is you don't know in what life. You stop walking.

Turning to see behind you,the path you have denied,the leaves slowly move to the sides to clear the path.Once again you walk to the center of the road.You see there is nothing but darkness.There's no blue sky, no innocent children, and no sun.Darkness.As you begin to run, the black starts to suck you in. It seems as if the faster you run, the more you're pulled into the hole. Now,you stop running and let it suck you in, letting the darkness take you where it wants.

You're at the beginning of the same thin line masked with yellow leaves.Now which path would you choose, or considering both roads and what they lead to, would you keep going forward until you reach the next intersection?

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