October 23, 2011
By ruby defelice BRONZE, Townshend, Vermont
ruby defelice BRONZE, Townshend, Vermont
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I had no idea who he was. I had no idea what his life was like or what made his face fold into the face of a wilting flower. I didn’t even know his name. But at that very moment I found myself pitying this phantom, feeling his pain pulse through my veins. From where I stood at the back of the subway blending as usual into the chaos around me I could see nothing but his heaving shoulders crumbled over the bleeding body beneath him. I felt that pain. I felt that pain...But I did nothing. I stood among the blind; I stood among the blind even though I could see. I am a liar, an intruder. That’s all...
There was screaming and yelling maybe crying maybe fighting, I don’t know I tend to block out everything but the rumble of the subway. By the time I realized someone was dead, someone was dead. And just like that my numbness drained. For a split second I allowed myself to feel, it hurt. I ached inside. In one single moment this man’s life was changed and the rest of us were just along for the ride, only caring because we are meant too. I wanted to console this man; I wanted someone to console this man. But nobody did, including me. He knelt there alone until the Subway stopped and the medics took him away with the dying body. And then everyone went on with their deservingly dismal and morbid lives.

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