The Kitchen Existed in Black and White

October 22, 2011
By Anonymous

The kitchen existed in black and white; it was modern, tastefully sparse. White walls, black table and chairs, white countertops, black cabinets. Mother still got a little thrill whenever she walked into it. Right now, she was seated at the shiny black table. The rest of the family surrounded her.

Dinner commenced.

Father talked of plans. “What do you say we all go up to the lake Saturday? The weather’s supposed to be nice. We could take a boat ride, or hike.”

Daughter talked of school. “I have a speech tomorrow in English on the importance of reading, and I have a lab for Bio to read through because my partner always messes things up. And I have a charcoal due for art. And everyone at school is so superficial all the time. I can’t STAND them.”

Mother didn’t talk but made encouraging guttural noises to the two conversations simultaneously aimed at her. “Mmm. Hm! Uh-huh.”

While pretending to listen, she admired her tastefully sparse kitchen.

But did you know, humanity was wonderful just the same.

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