October 21, 2011
By MotorGirl BRONZE, O&#39fallon, Missouri
MotorGirl BRONZE, O&#39fallon, Missouri
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One day you will find yourself alone. By alone I mean there is no one to talk care of you or support you, totally alone. Now for most people my age, that day is a long ways away. For me that day is today. My name is Aubrey Carson. I’m 14 years old. And I am all alone.

It was a warm May day, and me and my father were rushing around the house getting ready for school and work. I kissed my mother, father, and baby sister goodbye, and ran out the door, to catch the bus. My two best friends were there waiting for me. “ Hey guys.” I greeted them. Ally gave me a hug and Alec waved.
“ Hey.” He said. Alec and Ally are twins, but unless you knew it, you wouldn’t have guessed. Ally has curly brown hair and blue eyes, and is insanely short. Alec has blond hair and grey eyes. He is the second tallest guy in our grade. Ally is the second shortest girl.

“ Happy Birthday you guys!!” I shout. Ally hugs me. As I pull out her present. It was a bag, I saw her looking at it the last time we went to the mall. She’ll love it.

“ OHMYGOD! Bre! You shouldn’t have! I love it!” she shouted. And hugged me again.

“ I knew you would!” I said laughing, “ And for Alec!” I said and pulled out the gift for Alec and handed it to him. It was front row tickets and back stage passes to his favorite band. He opened it and his eyes grew wide.

“ Aubrey you shouldn’t have.” he said. And gave me a hug.

“ You like it?” I asked him. He nodded. I knew he’d love it.

“ Good. I had to wait in line forever for those.” I said, and smiled. He gave me another hug. I smiled. Ally was putting all her stuff in her new bag, and Alec was looking over his tickets. He stopped and looked closer at the tickets, and his eyes grew wide again.

“ Bre. Are these FRONT ROW tickets?” He asked and I smiled and nodded. “ You are officially my best friend!” He said, pulling me into a big hug, pulling me off the ground and lifting me in a big circle before setting me down. “ Thank you Aubrey. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“ Awe, Alec. What are friends for? I’m glad you like it.” I said. That was the most touchy-feely sentence I’d ever heard from him.

“ It’s totally official, Aubrey Carson. You are the best friend in the whole entire world!” Ally yelled, as the bus pulled up. People on the bus looked out at us like we were crazy, so what? I’d take crazy with awesome friends any day to ‘normal’. We got on the bus and sat in the back two seats like we always do. Me and Ally on the right side, and Alec on the left. The bus starts to turn to pick up Daniel, Alec’s best friend. When the bus stops, Daniel gets on, and makes his way to Alec’s seat. Alec stands up so he can sit on the outside. “ Hey Danny, what’s up?” Alec says. When they both sit down and the bus starts to move.

“ Same old, same old.” He said, and dug in his bag. And pulled out a CD. “ Happy 15th.” He handed Alec the CD.

“ Thanks man.” He said. And looked over the CD.

“ Hey happy birthday Al.” he said and she blushed, ever so slightly. Alec and I noticed ,Ally has had a crush on Danny forever. But Daniel was looking through his bag. “ Voila!” He handed her a box. She took it and carefully unwrapped it. Inside was a beautiful blue silk scarf.

“ Ohmygod! Danny this is beautiful!” Ally and I were gushing over it. Ally wrapped it around her neck. It matched her outfit perfectly. It was simply gorgeous. “ Thank you so, so, so, so much!” She said looking at him and smiling.

“ I’m glad you like it Al.” he said and smiled back at her. I felt a little awkward. I looked at Alec and he had the same look on his face. He looked at me and rolled his eyes. I smiled and nodded.

“ You didn’t have to get me a present Danny.” She said quietly, blushing softly. She was running her hand over the material of the scarf.

“ Yes I did Ally.” He said, and if me and Alec weren’t in the way I’m sure he would have touched her hand, or her shoulder.

“You are so sweet Danny.” She was gushing. The bus stopped. We all got up and got off the bus. Alec and I headed for the school. Ally and Danny walked several paces behind us.

“ Looks like your best friend is going to be your new brother.” I joked. I elbowed him gently.

“ Yeah, looks like it. Who would’ve guessed?” I rolled my eyes. I’m the only one who knew that Ally likes Danny.

“ I figured it would’ve happened sooner or later.” I shrugged., and kept walking. Ally and Alec are in my first hour. We stop at Alec’s locker. He put away his CD, and grabs his history folder. “ Not going to put your tickets in your locker?” I asked.

“ No way, Jessie knows my combo. No way I’m risking losing them.” He said, I laughed, and started towards my locker. I opened it and stuffed my bag and jacket inside. I grabbed my binder and closed the door. We walked to class and sat down near the back. I started to write down the homework assignment, when Ally walked into class. She sat down next to me and was literally bouncing in her seat.

“ What’s up?” I asked her. Still focused on writing.

“ Danny asked me out!” She said. I stopped writing and looked at her. She was smiling. And blushing.

“ Ohmygod! What did you say!?” I asked forgetting about writing down the assignment.

“ I said yes! Duh!” She exclaimed. I gave her a hug.

“ I’m happy for you Al.” I said. She was still smiling. She was twirling the ends of her scarf around her fingers.

“ Thanks Bre.” She said as the bell rang. She turned in her seat.

“ Tell me EVERYTHING, after class.” I whispered. She nodded. Miss Bloria was taking role. Informing us that today the topic was about Alexander the Great. In the middle of the lecture, Alec passed me a note. I opened it on it, it said :

what’s going on with Ally??

I looked at him and wrote back:

Danny asked her out….looks like I’m right.


I passed him back the note. He read it and looked at his sister, he scribbled it something the paper and passed it back to me.

I didn’t even know she liked him….or that he liked her.

Yeah ur right, don’t rub it in.

I looked at Ally, then back at him, quickly I wrote:

she’s liked him for a while. She barley told any1.

I folded the paper and handed it back to him, he read it and passed it back. On it, it said:

She told you

Three simple words but I couldn’t think of something to say back to him. So I looked over to him, and wrote:

Maybe she was afraid of what you would have said.

I folded the paper and handed to him, I watched his face as he read it, he didn’t show any emotions as he read it. But he didn’t reply. He just shoved the note into his pocket. After class we walked to his locker, Ally was telling me exactly how Danny asked her out. I wasn’t really paying attention, and Alec was very quiet. Ally saw Danny in the hall and stopped to talk to him. Alec and I kept walking.

“ Are you okay?” I finally asked him. We were at his locker. He put his history folder away. He grabbed his English folder and his notebook. He ran his hand threw his hair.

“ Yeah, I just wish she would have told me you know?” He said, I gave him a hug.

“ Alec. Don’t be too upset. She was scarred that you would make fun of her or tell her that she should forget it.”

“ But I wouldn’t have said that.” he said hugging me back. We headed for our English class.

“ I know, but Daniel is your best friend, she was always worried that you’d be angry with her.” I said. We walked into the classroom and took our seats.

“ But I wouldn’t have, Aubrey. I love Ally. And Danny is my best friend, I’m happy for them both.” He looked away and started to work on the DOL that was on the board.

“ Tell her that Alec. Tell her that your happy for her.” I said and started to work on the DOL. Alec was just about to say something when the bell rang, cutting him off. The hour went by extremely slow. The hour seemed to last days. Finally when the bell rang, I sprung up out of my chair and gathered my things and looked over at Alec.

“ I’ll tell her.” He said quietly. I smiled. The rest of the day went by in a blur. By the time I got back on the bus, I was exhausted. Danny and Ally were sitting together, holding hands. So I sat with Alec. I yawned, and Alec looked at me. “ Tired?” He smiled.

“ Extremely.” I said. And yawned again.

“ Take a nap on the way home. I’ll wake you before we get off.” He said and I leaned against his shoulder and closed my eyes. I dreamed that animals could talk and walk like people, before I knew it Alec was waking me up. “ Aubrey, wake up. Wake up!” He said. And I sat up in the seat. “ Look.” He said and pointed out the window. There were police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances all lined up near my house. The bus stopped and me, Ally, and Alec all got off the bus. I ran to the house, Alec and Ally close behind me. A police man stopped me before I got to close.

“ What happened?!” I screamed. Ally looked scared and Alec was looking at me. I was looking at my house. I saw the paramedics come out with three stretchers, all the bodies were in body bags,

“ Who are you?” he asked instead. I was looking at the body bags, I knew what happened. I started to cry and I felt Alec’s hand on my shoulder.

“ Aubrey Carson.” I said. I was looking at everything as if I was an outsider looking in, that girl crying wasn’t me. That wasn’t my family. But it was.

“ Aubrey, sweetie, there has been a homicide. Your mother, father, and baby sister, have been killed.” He tried to make it easy, but I broke out in tears, I turned around and Alec held me as I cried. “ I’m sorry.” the police man said to me. “ Take her home with you son. She needs to be questioned, so I’m going to need your address.” he said to Alec.

“ 132 Polar lane.” Alec said and started to turn towards his house. I let go, and Ally hugged me, we all walked back to their house, we were all silent. When we got in the door, Their mom gave me a hug and told me how it would be okay and that she would take care of me if I needed it. I barley heard her. Ally called Daniel and told him what happened and Alec and I sat in the living room. In silence, we watched the news. Seeing what they new about what happened. It wasn’t much, just a triple homicide. Alec clicked off the TV. “ Want to watch a movie downstairs?” he asked. I nodded and followed him downstairs. He opened a closet door and pulled out my favorite movie, The Outsiders, and headed for the living room in the basement. I sat down on the couch, hugging my legs to myself and setting my head on my knees. Alec put the movie in, and came to sit next to me. “ It’ll be ok Bre.” He said and gave me a hug. I hung on to him. I didn’t want to let him go. I have lost too many people.

“ I’m so scared Alec.” I said. “ I don’t want to lose anyone else.”

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MotorGirl BRONZE, O&#39fallon, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
Learn for yesterday
Live for today
Hope for tomorrow

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