Shattered Lives and Sudden Goodbyes

October 17, 2011
By Rayvon Garvin SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Rayvon Garvin SILVER, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Reiko was sitting on his porch waiting for his friends nick and chase who always had his back and were fun to be around, especially since they were twins. He started looking at his house and the old dusty green paint and the high green and yellowish grass.
“Ill do that later” he said. Then he started mumbling even more “clean my room she says, wash the dishes she says, dry the clothes, and walk the dog. We don’t even have a dog! I hate my life right now”. He looks down the street and sees someone with an old pickup truck. They stop in front of his house. “Nick, chase what’s up. You’re still riding around in this old blue truck”, he said trying to start a conversation
“Look at you, you don’t even match who wears a greenshirt with orange pants, I honestly think your color blind”, nick said sarcastically
Chase joined in saying, “And who has brown eyes and black hair anymore its all about the blue and blonde baby, blue and blonde”
“Yea ok like I want blue eyes and blonde hair to look like you, no way”, he said defensively
“Get in your taking too long”, nick said looking at the clock. They got in and started talking about school then the conversation got boring quickly so chase changed the subject.
“So what’s with you and Simone”, chase said mockingly. Then he felt a weird feeling in his stomach. Should I tell him now or should I wait.
“Oooooh you and Simone”, Nick added
“Shut up you act like she notices me. Nobody notices me but you two”, Reiko said with his head down. They soon pulled into the school parking lot and stared at the big purple and gold cube that they called school. They stepped out of the truck and took in the bitter air and hurried inside afraid to take another breath. They continued their conversation once they got inside.
“Man you got to work on your confidence, that’s how she’ll notice you”, Chase said trying to understand why nick was so frustrated. Chase started to feel that funny feeling in his stomach when he saw Simone at her locker. He stared at Reiko and looked into his eyes and he knew how Reiko felt. He almost cried when he read into Reiko. I know I’ve got to tell Reiko but it’ll break his heart if I told him about me and Simone.
“We have to do something about you and Simone”, nick said with a smirk then he muttered something they couldn’t understand. Come on lets see what Simone is doing they walked over to Simone and they see her having trouble with her locker. “Hey Simone what’s up”
“Nothing I need help opening my locker though”, Simone said sweetly as her purple and greenish eyes sparkled in the bright hallway lights.
“Now how much will I get if I helped you”, chase said joking around while nick looked annoyed.
“A dollar… I don’t know? Come on you guys!”
Reiko was hypnotized by her unusual and beautiful eyes that matched her body perfectly. I know there is no other girl like her. Then he began to help her. “I’ll help just kick the bottom of the locker like this and pull the handle”, he said trying not to stare.
“Thank you so much” she kissed him on the cheek got her stuff and ran away.
“There you go Reiko now finish it” chase said as he looked at nick to see his reaction.

“Come on she just wants to be friends”, Reiko said while looking embarrassed.

“Yeah I’m sure that’s exactly it. I mean its Simone she’s a nice girl, she wouldn’t want to rush into things like that.” Nick started walking to his class with a smile on his face.
“Okay if you say so but trust me she wants you” chase yelled running to his class. The bell rung 30 seconds later while Reiko was walking on the stairwell.
“Ha-ha you’re late” he heard nick yell from the hallway.
You are too, Reiko thought. During class all chase could think about was telling Reiko what was going on with him and Simone.
I can’t take it anymore I have to tell Reiko the truth and why he cant be with Simone I tried to help him with his confidence but I think I’ve taken this too far. Ill tell him during lunch, come on its now or never chase. This was all chase thought about during his classes. The time came, it was sixth period their lunch and nick and chase looked for Reiko. They found Reiko when the late bell rung and walked up to him.
“Hurry up are you going out to eat or do you want to eat this cafeteria food”, they said hoping he would come
“I’m only a junior I can’t go out” Reiko explained
“Wait think about it for a second while I go to the bathroom Ill be right back”, chase ran to the bathroom.
“Come on I’ll sneak you out, think of it as a build of confidence”, nick urged
“I don’t know”, Reiko moaned. He also noticed something different about nick.
“Come on lets go it will be okay.” Nick tried to persuade Reiko but Reiko was resisting. Although he tried not to he gave in shortly.

“Okay ill go.” Convinced it would be ok Reiko went. Nick left chase in the school and Reiko knew something wasn’t right.
“So what’s really with you and simone?” nick interrogated while they got into the car and left the parking lot. Reiko noticed his tone changed. “Why don’t you just talk to her.” Reiko hesitated to answer but replied with a shaky voice.
“Easy for you to say you’re the quarterback of the varsity football team. It’s just that every time I see her I want to say something but I-I j-just can’t and sometimes I-I don’t want to be ignored and feel like an idiot.”
“Reiko calm down your pain will be over soon you don’t have to worry about that because ill be gone its okay” Nick explained gently.
“NICK WATCH OUT F-FOR THAT” Reiko was cut off by fear and paralyzed by thoughts of what was about to happen.
Reiko knew this was his last taste of the bitter and corrupted air. He said to himself Nick I thought we were friends, I thought we had each others backs. If I had known Simone meant that much to you I wouldn’t have even looked at her. I lost more than my life, I’ve lost you and you’ve lost yourself. When I rest I hope you will come and wake me up and play with me like you used to. We both lost something to gain more and nick we’ll sleep together again like before. Come lay close to me my friend.

Chase wondered where Reiko and nick ran off to. He wasn’t so sure if something just happened but he heard someone say
“I’m with Reiko and we’ll be alright” but Chase never got the chance to tell Reiko him and Simone were together the other night and that she told him she was moving.

The author's comments:
this has to do a lot with me. i am a lot like reiko.

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