Scars and Bruises

October 14, 2011
By darkangel197 BRONZE, Big Bear Lake, California
darkangel197 BRONZE, Big Bear Lake, California
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"A dreamer is one who can find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees dawn before the rest of the world."

I hate everything about this stupid life of mine, it's not like i chose to do the things i do. It's just how i forget of how badly people treat me, i

really wish they would just listen to me for once and not talk over me or interrupt me when I'm talking or think i don't get that they are insulting

me, but you know what i do understand i do know that your being mean and complete jerk to me. But do you care no you don't as long as it

boosts your self esteem, it doesn't matter if i feel like i wanna run away or if i just wanna hurt myself just so i won't feel the pain of being not wanted

or not being good enough for you to even give a second glance to. Even people who are close to me are jerks to me and they don't even care

no they will never care as long as they feel like they're better than everyone that surrounds them. That's why people see the scars and the

bruises. It all helps with the pain I feel, you think it's wrong that I do it, so then why do you constantly put me down and tell me that I'll never be

good enough as you or better then you. Why do you care if I hurt myself it's what you wanted wasn't it, to make me feel depressed , scared,

useless, afraid, worthless, and alone. Those were the words you told me, that you screamed at me, as I walked through those doors. You make

my life a living hell hole so why label me for something that you made me feel or do. It's just how I deal with the pain, the hurt, the sorrow, and

the depression. I'm not what you think I am if you would listen to me just once or even just give me a glance you would see that, but all you see

is what you want to see, what you believe i am. Your like the shadow that haunts me every second of every day that never leaves and tortures

me in your little game. You love toying with my mind, making me believe I can do anything and everything and then you turn around and stab me

in the back and bring me back down to this hell. So I wanna know is this one thing. Why do you care about the scars or bruises?

I wanna be free from this thing you call life. It start as just teasing, then into name calling, and now final into making sure I feel what you think of me and that I don't live up to any expectations. I know though that these shadows you casted over me will only make me a stronger, better, person and I refuse to let you win this war. I'm stronger than you think I am and one day I'll be free from this hell you call life.

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