Pay Back (The Sequel to Snipes)

October 14, 2011
By DolphnQn BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
DolphnQn BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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It was about 2 A.M. and Scott lay awake listening to the harmonious chorus of howls from the coyotes at the end of the long, dirt road. Scott was sentenced to sleep in the tent because of the diabolical trick he played on Matthew during kick the can. He didn’t mind sleeping in the tent; he actually enjoyed it. It gave him time to come up with new crazy plans on how to scare Matthew. Little did he know that while he was dreaming, Matthew was scheming.

A few days prior to camping Matthew, Daniel, Austin, and Tammy went to the Wildlife Sanctuary. The Wildlife Sanctuary was a magnificent place in Hudson, Colorado where rescue animals like lions, tigers, and bears could roam free in spacious enclosures. Matthew, Daniel, Austin, and Tammy went around the time of sunset so they could see the frisky animals frolic, and listen to their hunting calls. There were two mountain lions at the sanctuary and Matthew remembered that right before he left, so he brought his tape recorder along. He had a plan brewing in his head, he would record the cries of the two lions then scare the hebegebees out of everyone by playing them one night after kick the can.

Matthew was contemplating how to scare Scott when he remembered that day at the sanctuary. A light bulb flickered on in his head removing him from his reverie, and launching him into the planning of his swindle. Instead of scaring everyone at the fire, he could give Scott a taste of his own medicine by making his hair stand on end. Matthew crept out of bed, grabbed his tape recorder and set out on his endeavor.

Scott was drifting in and out of consciousness without a care in the world when out of nowhere came the sound of a mountain lion. Immediately he froze. He listened more intently this time. Again he heard the call he feared more than anything. His heart started racing, his breathing accelerated, he could now hear the bushes adjacent to his tent rustle and snap. “What do I do?” he whispered, “Should I yell for help, or just book it to the car and hope I make it?... book it to the car, I’m fairly fast. I could probably make it... I hope.”

As he crouched next to Scott’s tent, Matthew couldn’t help but stifle a giggle, at his fearless brother being scared out of his wits.

Having is mind made up to scream and run for his life, Scott prepared himself for his potentially life threatening maneuver. After shrugging into his hoddie, he laced up his hiking boots ready to face whatever awaited him outside. “Here goes nothing.” he exclaimed, unzipping the tent door.

As he was sprinting to the car, trying to make himself seem as big and tall as possible, and praying the car was unlocked he yelled, “Ahhhhhhhhh!” at the top of his lungs.

“What the-” Austin shot up out of bed - along with everyone else within a three mile radius.

Scott finally reached the car, his heart pounding in his ears when from behind his tent appeared Matthew rolling with laughter. Scott seethed with anger at the realization that there was no mountain lion, only Matt, his sly and sneaky brother.

Everyone at camp sauntered out to see what all the commotion was about.

Getting out of the car Scot was muttering, “I wasn’t scared. I knew it was Matt the whole time. I only ran to humor him.”

“Oh sure you did.” Matthew retorted rolling his eyes.

“I did! I don’t get scared that easily.”

“Whatever.” Matthew said tiredly, turning back towards the camper.

It was a sight to see the family of 17 all gathered around Loren and Tammy’s car in their pajamas with bed wrangled hair. They all agreed this was one of the most eventful camping trips they had been on yet, and would leave with memories to last a lifetime

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