Fire in Your Eyes

October 20, 2011
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Trying hard not to stare
but tonight I can't resist
your leaving me breathless
as I try to steal a glance.
There are no rules tonight
only the space between us
growing farther and farther apart though I put up a fight.
I fear this space will win
and leave me with no air
but how can I overcome fate
so strong and defiant
much like David and Golliath.
So I will fight for the chance
to wrap you in my embrace
and never let you go
unless you order me away.
Thus, what is love?
Can it really be defined?
Is it the feeling when I'm with you
or the way you fill my mind?
I steal another glance
and keep it hidden in my pocket.
I feel like a spy
with my own little secret.
I wonder if you know
or perhaps you feel the same...
I could go on forever
and only you would be to blame.
The thought of you governs my every move.
The thought of you speads like a wildfire and suddenly I am consumed.
Consumed not by your good looks or perfect hair
but by the fire in your eyes
growing without any air.

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