Dark Night

October 25, 2011
By yourcluelesswhoiam BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
yourcluelesswhoiam BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
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Once upon a time I was stuck down a trail in the woods at night. I didn’t know which way my house was and I was panicking then I tripped and broke my legs. I was in agenizing pain and you know it hurt but I kept crawling. I was terrified there I was in the middle of the woods my legs were limp because they were broken like bags of potatoes I was carrying around by my waste. It was very foggy the wind was loud, there was an owl hooting, animals howling, dogs barking and tree branches breaking in the distance and the tops of trees blowing in the night sky ‘’was I going to get eaten by something’’. Suddenly I heard something running towards me… it was my dog suddenly the dog bit my foot and started dragging me and my face kept hitting rocks and putting dirt in my mouth and bugs. It tasted bad then the dog let me go and my face hit one final rock before he let me go as I laid with broken legs and dirt in my mouth. I was getting worried cause it was getting late and I thought I heard things running around in the woods. I was sitting there and I notice what my face hit it wasn’t a rock but a bone sticking out of a dead animal carcass it was rotting I had some it my mouth it tasted and smelled very rank. I was grossed out and horrified now the air was damp and there was just dead silence. I laid there for an hour with my bones poking out of my legs.’’ That is disgusting looking’’. As I laid there I noticed the sudden smell of a lake I looked over and saw a lake right by me I went to dip my face in and fell. I splashed around trying to get up out of the water all the water went in to where my leg bones were sticking out and made it sting like when you get lemon in a cut. I was finally out but my legs were stinging I heard a noise and looked to the side there was a shadow in the trees of something, something out of a nightmare then I noticed it was a stick. I was freezing cold from the water sense it was fall almost winter time. I started crawling through the woods running in to sticks, pine needles, pine cones and dirt. The dirt was getting into my leg wounds making it painful and difficult to crawl. Suddenly I ran into the bramble bushes and cut myself all up it was painful but I had to go on, had to get out of there. I thought I would never make it back but I knew I’d have too because I wasn’t going to die cause all I had was broken legs but it the pain the terrible, horrible pain made me think I wasn’t going to. I crawled through the trees for hours. After a while I stopped to go to sleep for a while then I woke up in darkness and looked to the side and saw a light and I started to crawl towards it when I got there it was my house and it was right next to where I started all along. ’’that sucks’’ I crawled up to the door but I couldn’t get it opened sense I was laying on the ground and my legs were broken. I had to wait tell morning tell someone let me in. this is a fake story by the way.

The author's comments:
this peice is a real peice all right

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