The Man Whose Never Been Seen

October 24, 2011
By Audrey Rieck BRONZE, Urbandale, Iowa
Audrey Rieck BRONZE, Urbandale, Iowa
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One dark spooky night there was a little boy looking for a venture. And he thought this was a perfect night for one. This little boy's name was Ethan who lived in a small town in Kansas. Nothing much happened in Kansas, and he was getting tired of it! So, he left the house to walk a block to the spookiest house in town. As he crept up the staircase that creaks with every step, he inspected the door contemplating if he really wanted to do this. As his arm extended he started to chicken out... But all he could do think about was how he didn't want to maintain, or keep status, the "geeky loser" kid at school. This thought alone; aspired him to go in. Then, Ethan heard a noise... "Oh my gosh." Ethan screamed for all the neighbors to hear. Pedestrians that were walking their dog on the sidewalk stopped to stare. Then all of a sudden the door opened ajar, a foot crept out. My body froze, some say that a ghost lived here and others say a 210 year old lady that never dies. But only one will know for sure, Ethan.
I see a pale blotchy foot that looks like it has never been out in sunlight before.
"I posit that all the rumors are completely untrue!" came a booming voice on the other side of the door.
"Who are you?" I asked very sheepishly.
As the figure became very literal, I realized everybody was wrong. The only word I can describe this organism, or living body of cells, is sad. His face was drooped with sadness, his head was bare, and I can't even describe his wardrobe. Nothing matched, he had a glamorous shirt with rhinestones and the most unseemly pair of jeans that I'm surprised hasn’t completely fallen apart, yet. The sight made me sick, but then out of nowhere the mad asked me to come in. My mom always told me not to talk to strangers, let alone go into one’s house! But something urged me to go in with him, so I did. As I look behind my shoulder, there was a commotion of people near the house. Since no one has really seen the door open from this house. But, the inside of the house was wonderful. There was a library to the right full of books about phonemes (or letters), a dictionary, and a couple books on astrology.
"You like astrology?" I bring up the courage to ask.
The man sighed and said, "Yes, I use to be an astrologist, or study of stars to foretell what will happen, until I got cancer and they didn't want me anymore."
"Wow, I'm sorry" I reply, looking at all the rest of the furniture and books. "I can't believe how many people misjudged you." I add.
"I know, come into the living room so we can sit and talk," said the mysterious man.
And the boy disappeared that day.

Wait for the upcoming sequel: The Man’s Neighbor!

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