October 15, 2011
By Kris.S GOLD, Atl Highlads, New Jersey
Kris.S GOLD, Atl Highlads, New Jersey
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" Life ticks on time turns to dust collecting in the corners you forgot even existed"-Me
" And soon enough the time will tell about the circus in the wishing well"- Jimi Henrix
"I am the lizard king I can do anything"- Jim Morrison

Big yellow plant with a black or brown center and a big green stem stretching root to tip a sight beautiful to the human eye. You grow out in the fields of green the bugs crawl all over you but you don't feel flower do you?. Petals of yellow swaying with the cool summer breeze it would appear your needs are easy to please. Be careful to get water or you'll shrivel away what will be left will only be the remnants of your once life's decay slowly rotting day by day.
A question the deep minded wonder what would it be like to be you a sunflower to have the power of nature. Is it as simple as it looks or is there something humans miss. Photosynthesis is how you get your nutrients straight from the sun to your absorbing it. Pretty but do you have a brain science says you are much simpler not the same a basic plant is what you are,
Such beauty you hold out there in the emerald green grass showing yourself as the days pass. Grounded in the spot you prang your buds only to sway in a stiff way the wind trying to blow the earth beneath away. The silence you produce is one none can mock pure utter quiet you cannot break. The secrets you hold have yet to have been told sunflower you stand up tall so proud and bold .
One of a kind special and unique sure the daisy is nice but sunflower nothing can compare to you.

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on Oct. 23 2011 at 7:19 pm
Rocinante SILVER, Wexford, Pennsylvania
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This is interesting and a neat perspective, but watch your punctuation, like for example, questions need a question mark and I believe there may be a few missing commas in this article, however I think overall it's pretty good :)

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