A moment changes everything...

October 15, 2011
It seems that what one person sees as a perfect and extraordinary moment is just another day for the other person involved. Sometimes you want to just scream because you felt so much more in that moment than the person you were with. They seemed to shrug it off after the moment was over as if you meant nothing to them. They say “I don’t know what I would do without you” but really you are unimportant. You are just another person in their life that is there for them when they need it. You think that maybe one day they will come around and say “I love you” out loud and that they want to be there for you but you realize this is just a fantasy that will never come true. But the funny thing is, as amazing as that moment was with that person, over time, parts become a blur. You say to yourself, "I will remember every minute of this," but as the days and eventually years go on only fragments remain in your mind. Perhaps that person was only supposed to make an impact on you for that one moment and perhaps you are meant to go on living your life waiting for more moments to lift you from your darkest place. You thought it was perfect, they said it was—you stayed invested…they left you behind.

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