October 15, 2011
By TrulyPoetic BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
TrulyPoetic BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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"When a heart breaks it don't break even"

The dark what shadows do you hide? What hideous beings lurk deep within you? Why must thee be so mysterious and elusive yet revealing and encompassing? Why must I be afraid of the infinite essence of your being? What lurks I say! What befoul creatures dance merry madness to the tune of horror! Answer me!! You foul creat.... Nooooo take it back! I don’t want to know any more! No no NO IT CANNOT BE!! The ever so dark truth is that we lurk in you; it is us that merrily dance to the wicked tune of violence! It is us who are the hideous beings that hide unwilling to face the truth! IT IS US! Gods be dammed we celebrate the darkness; relish its cold grasp as it chokes the life out of us. Why then, why is so hard to face the light to embrace the light?! Alas! So simple is the answer, so heinous the reason disgusting is the fact that we don't want to! We’d rather slither like blind snakes using but our forked tongues to see, for the light of truth is unforeseen as the light of day is to the mole! The harsh unbiased fire of purity and light is too much to bear, too bright to see, blinding, unflinching and unyielding to all... There is no such thing as darkness, for we are the dark we are the beings that habituate it, yet the light is always waiting always ready for your awakening.

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