Army Wife

October 19, 2011
By Anonymous

Today would have been her wedding day. She had been waiting for it for over a year now. Beau had proposed to her over video; he was in Afghanistan. He’d been gone for almost sixteen months, but now he’s back. He’s been home for only a few days before the wedding was supposed to happen.

A few months earlier…

Mae had been planning the wedding herself. She doesn’t get along with Beau’s family and the only other person she had was her mom, but her mom was really busy with work and school so he didn’t have time to help with wedding planning.

Mae had no one to talk to, to help her through the stress. She got to talk to Beau once a week if she was lucky and it wasn’t as if she wanted to lay her problems and stress on him. She was alone. So when she thought maybe marriage wasn’t the best idea for them because they didn’t know each other that well, no one was there to convince her that everything was going to be okay.

She thought maybe the feeling would pass, or that she just had cold feet. So she continued on with the wedding planning; she sent out invites, ordered flowers, picked the venue, and even booked a caterer. Soon enough, everything was done and ready, all that was left was for Beau to come home, which was only a few days away. Mae was so excited. She could hardly wait. She got everything ready for him; she cleaned the house, got her hair and nails done, and prepared a huge feast for him.

The day was finally here. He was coming home. Mae got all dolled up and ready to go pick up Beau. When she got to the airport there were so many people she recognized that were there for him. On the speaker she heard the man say that Beaus plane had landed.

Mae stood up, ran, and jumped on Beau the second she saw him. They were so happy! Beau went home with his parents and left Mae to go home by herself to finish dinner. When Beau got home they sat down together and ate for the first time in over a year. Soon they were done eating so they talked. They talked about everything.
After a while they started looking over the wedding plans, Beau was really pleased with everything until he saw a name on the guest list. It was a guy Mae had cheated on Beau with the first time he left for Iraq. Beau was immediately upset. He yelled and threw the computer monitor at the wall; it shattered. Mae was hysterical; she had never seen him like this, so she called the cops.

When the cops showed up Mae was outside crying, waiting for them. The cop went in and talked to Beau. He told him to go stay somewhere else for the night so he can calm down. Beau left with the cop a short while later. Right when the cop car was out of site Mae ran inside, packed up all her stuff, and left. Beau headed home the next morning feeling really guilty and upset. He walked into the house and knew something was different. He yelled for Mae. When he got no answer he ran upstairs and saw the broken computer; it pained him to see it. He ran into the bedroom and saw that all of Mae’s stuff was gone. He searched everywhere for any sign of her, but nothing, not even a note. She was gone.

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