Dream Maker

October 18, 2011
Jason Able was not a very wealthy man. In fact Jason had not a penny to his name. For the past four years he had lived on 84th and 2nd Street, but not in a house. The sun, bright and beautiful, marked the day as the first of summer. With students out of school they were free to run, scream and hopefully drop some spare change in the local mall.
Jason would gawk at the ground so focused for this was his only way of paying for his food. In an hour’s time he had collected just under two dollars, not even enough for one meal. His disappointment turned to hope as he spotted a small wishing fountain. His first thought was that he could just take the money out of the fountain and no one would notice but as he rethought the idea he realized that he would then be taking away others wishes. So he sat at a bench near the fountain and watched as hopeful civilians came and wished at the fountain. Jason did believe that if you wished into the fountain the wish would come true but he would always try to convince himself that it was real because if he wished on the fountain and it did not come true that would be a wasted penny, but today was the day the day that he would wish upon the fountain. He walked up to the fountain and tightly gripped the penny, covered in dirt and rusted copper. Jason brought the penny close to his face and blew a hopeful breeze the same way a gambler blew on his dice for luck. He placed the penny on his thumb and gently flicked it into the fountain.
“I wish I had a job”
He said these words with his eyes closed thus he had not noticed the man standing right next to him. Jason eyes flickered open and proceeded to look for loose change.
Charles Riddle was a very curious man. He believed that persistent people will always achieve their goal with a little side help. Charles had been a less fortunate being in his earlier days. But someone had taken a chance with his abilities, offered him a job and here he is today, a successful business man. Because of what that mystery man had done for him every year since he had come to the fountain and picked one wish to make come true. This year it was Jason’s wish. Eagerly Charles dashed through the mall in search of what Jason would need to get a job. Within 10 minutes Charles had found everything he needed; a suit a briefcase, a laptop, a cell phone and nametag. Charles carefully placed the suit, laptop and cell phone inside and shut the briefcase. He placed the name tag on top and slid the briefcase to where Jason was sitting. Jason looked around with a confused expression on his face. On top of the briefcase there was a note. It read “Only you can build the wall of your life, but I supply you with the bricks and cement”. Jason sat on the bench trying to absorb what had just happened. Frazzled, Jason snapped his head back and forth in search for the answer to the shooting questions in his head.
“Today is the day that I will get my first job”
Jason said, a grin on his face. He had already planned his first interview with the local presses. The interview was in the lobby of the building. The man asked Jason questions about the press including history, time of print and much more but the only questions Jason had gotten right were his name and the date. The majority of the other interviews Jason had scheduled had gone no different. Instead of becoming disappointed each time he was turned down he just became more persistent in finding a job. At each interview he would take notes on what he could do better for his next interview. Throughout Jason’s interviews Charles would wait listen to what had gone right and wrong, but the one thing that caught Charles attention was the way Jason took notes; so neat, elegant and organized. Then Charles had an epiphany. He firmly marched over to James handed him a notebook saying “Pencil me in for a meeting at two. Oh, and here is your new nametag.” It read “Jason Able, Assistant of Charles Riddle”.

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