End It

October 18, 2011
By NikoVernic BRONZE, San Francisco, California
NikoVernic BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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I stepped inside the makeshift ring, lights glaring into my eyes. My opponent stood at the other side. Billy Korn, a fifth grader, weight one hundred and fifty pounds. Me, Johnny Fatch, a fourth grader, who happened to call Billy a “fat girl” as he walked by me in the hallway one day.

I heard a whistle - the signal to start the fight. Instantly Billy moved in. He tried to corner me, but I slipped away. He swung a right hook at my jaw, but I ducked and avoided contact. He spun around and hit me square in the nose. Blood poured from my nostrils; I ignored it and dodged the next punch. Three minutes of this and I had one eye swollen shut and bruises all over my body. It was time for a different strategy.

I hit him again and again in the gut. He didn’t even flinch.

“You’re so weak,” he laughed.

“Na, your fat is just absorbing the blows.” Billy charged. I stepped left and stuck my leg out. He fell flat on his face.

“Too easy, too easy,” I said.

Billy got up, infuriated.

“ Keep talking,” I told myself, “he’s got a quick temper.”

“Wow, it must be hard to be embarrassed by a fourth grader.”

Billy’s face flushed red. Now he was really mad. I could see it in his eyes. The hate, the anger.

“I’m gonna kill you, you little midget. I’m going to kill you.” He charged at me again.

I could have ended it right there and then. I could have side stepped and rammed his head straight into locker 309. But I was having fun; I was enjoying making big Billy Korn cry. Instead of ending it, I went right at him. The only problem: I am seventy three pounds and Billy Korn isn’t. You try tackling someone twice your weight.

He ended up flattening me like a pancake on a sizzling grill, crushing me on the floor, all one hundred fifty pounds. I mustered the last of my strength and shoved him off of me. I popped up but Billy stayed down, clutching his rib cage. I looked down at him.

“Billy, you alright?”

He motioned with his hand to come closer. I stooped over him, legs spread out. That’s when I saw the upward motion of his leg headed straight for my family jewels.

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