A Strange Day in July

October 5, 2011
By victoriacatgirl PLATINUM, Palm Desert, California
victoriacatgirl PLATINUM, Palm Desert, California
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It was the kids’ first day in July, California. Paul, who was ten, was a very boring kid. All day he would just sit and look out the window. The view was a brick wall. His younger sister Bella, who was eight, did the same thing. Their parents, John and Jennifer, were worried. So they took them to the beach. They told them that they had to do something productive.

So the kids decided to build a rock castle. Paul and Bella started looking for rocks. Any rock that wasn’t good they threw into the ocean. Soon Paul found a very ugly rock and knew that it would never do. So he threw it into the ocean. One second later it reappeared in his hand. He was so surprised that he fell down. He threw it again. It came back in two seconds this time. Paul went over to show Bella the magical rock. At first she didn’t believe him, but after he showed her and it came back in three seconds, she believed.

Soon the beach day was over and all they could do was throw the rock and try to figure out how it reappeared. What they did realize is that every time they threw it, the rock came back slower than it did before. Before they knew it they had thrown it so much that it wouldn’t come back for a week. While they were waiting they went back to the beach and looked for more magical rocks. They forgot about the window and the brick wall. When it returned they threw it some more times. Soon the vacation was over and they threw it one last time. The vacation was then over.

After they returned home they made friends and were social kids. Paul and Bella soon grew up though. Paul’s kids turned out fine, but Bella’s did not. All they did was sit and look at a brick wall. One day the stone appeared in her hand. She decided to give it to her son Luke. He asked her what he was going to do with an ugly rock. She told him that looks may be deceiving and it might surprise him.

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