Pushed away, now struggling to pull u back.

October 10, 2011
By AliCat47 PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
AliCat47 PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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“You have this crazed feeling, like you could become deadly within seconds... you strike fear in without even trying because your not predictable, so no one knows what to expect next” She paused and looked into my eyes, “And lately, for a while now I mean, you've had this crazed expression on your face. Like no one can tell if your about to punch somebody, or burst into sobs”

“Ha. Like anyone even cares which one of those actually happen. Everyone's just waiting for me to break down, you don't care if its angry or sad. You just want to watch the show.” I said, not caring how harsh the words sounded once they left my mouth, and trying to ignore Aidee's hurt expression.

“Shelly, I've been your very best friend through so much, and I want to keep doing that, and I'm always going to try to be there for you. But your making everything so much harder than it needs to be, by trying to push me away! And lately I've been trying extra hard to be the best possible friend for you, and all you've been doing is being such a b**** to me!'

'Wow thanks for reminding me of what a b**** everyone thinks I am. And if you're supposedly putting such an effort towards being a good friend to me, how come you don't understand? How come-” Aidee cut me off, she of course had something oh-so-important to say.

“You won't give me anything to understand! I've been trying so freaking hard to understand whatever the hell it is that you're going through, but I cant! Expecting me to understand is like expecting me to solve a puzzle with two thirds of the pieces missing!” Aidee wiped the corners of her eyes, and continued.

“All you've told me, is that your parents are like uber pissed at you, that you like that guy, so much. He likes you too, but then again hes a teenage guys o he probably likes somebody, no everybody else. And so much other s*** about this guy. You haven't told me whats wrong, you haven't told me any of the stuff you've told, her.”

I couldn't believe what she was saying, hes not just a guy! Hes The guy. And what the hell I'm not aloud to talk to Darian about stuff if I haven't already told Aidee?

“What, are you jealous? Darian's my friend too, and I'll tell her whatever the hell I want, regardless of if I've told you or not!”

“If Darian's such a good friend to you, then how come, I'm the one who came looking for you, Why isn't she the one standing in this muddy park?”

I turned away from Aidee. I couldn't look at her, because the words she said were echoing throughout my mind. She was so right, why wasn't Darian here? Why, instead, was the girl who I had practically ditched standing behind me? Why did I suddenly feel like I wanted to tell Aidee everything, even the things I'd conveniently forgotten to mention to Darian, and even the things I've tried to make myself forget. I smiled as I turned back around, knowing that Aidee would make everything better, even if it was just for as long as we were in this park.

I felt the smile fall right off my face, and then I felt the cold sting, of warm tears, chasing after that fallen smile. She wasn't standing there behind me, she left. She had ran away from me, or had I pushed her away? I couldn't force myself to answer that question, because as usual, the truth hurt too much. I didn't know where she had gone, or who she was now with, but the only thing I was sure of at that point in time, is that I'd do anything to get her back there with me.

The author's comments:
I'm not sure where this is going but it's a work in progress, and ill upload it bit by bit till it's all up(:

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