Ava and Ace chapter 1: fun with food

October 10, 2011
By AliCat47 PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
AliCat47 PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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“That's it, I am at my end point with you two! For crying out loud your even twins! Why can't you two just get along for 5 minutes? Your the oldest, your supposed to be setting an example for Kelsie and Gavin, but it's to hard to set a good example right? I mean yes I understand that it's tough to get along sometimes, but, with you two it's like trying to get two schizophrenic teenagers to get along. What's your excuse for this?” Our mom yelled at Ace and me. I looked at Ace and he was glaring at me, with his hair in his face, he's a dramatic know it all emo teenager and he's going to try and blame this on me. But there's no way in Chicago that I'm going to let him.

“Mom, let me explain this, I was doing what you said, which was to make Gavin a snack when you were picking up Kelsie from her party. There I was just innocently getting Gavin some cheese and crackers and making myself a peanut butter and banana sandwich when that thing came running into the kitchen with MY cell phone. Going through MY text messages and pictures and when I nicely told him to give me back my cell phone he said 'Make me' so I said 'fine! Give me my cell phone back now!'-” I looked at Ace as he interrupted me.

“You are such a Liar Ava! You forgot about the part where I walked into my room to see her on my lap top reading MY e-mail when I told her to stop it she said 'Fine you can go on it, I already forwarded myself every single one of your e-mails'. And then she stood up and said 'Oh yeah I know who you like.' And then she started texting and walked to her bed room. When she left to go make Gavin a snack her phone rang so I decided I should go give it to her, so then when I was about to give it to her she started screaming and threatening me to put her phone down or else and then she threw a blob of peanut butter at me grabbed her cellphone and said ha ha. Don't look at me that way Ava, that's how it happened”

“Ace you are so full of it! You forgot about how you threw a piece of my sandwich at me.”

That's where mom stepped in “Look your both already grounded, so stop. But what I want to know is, who threw the tomato sauce?” Me and Ace looked at each other, since we both threw it at the same time we pointed at each other and mom said,
“Okay then you guys were going to be grounded for 1 week but since you can't answer my questions your grounded for 2 weeks and no allowance for the rest of the month with extra chores and you'll both be cleaning the kitchen since you seem to have had a food fight.”

“Mom that's NOT fair!!!” We both yelled at our mom, and of course she said, “Okay then no allowance for another week, now, since you guy's want to be so fancy with food, you'll be making Dinner together until further notice. Now get cleaning and cooking. Here's what I would do, Ava you should do the floor, the windows, the table, and dishes then Ace you should do the counter, cabinet's, stove and fridge, I expect you to be done cleaning, dinner to be done by around 7:30 so that gives you about three hours, get to work. I'm going to take Kelsie and Gavin to the park, oh and your dad's coming over once he's done with work.”

Ace said, “You mean he's coming here? We were supposed to go there to his house.” I looked at Ace and he looked disappointed, I'm mad at him and everything, but I feel bad because well, I wanted to go to Dad's too. I mean I like Joe and all, but let's face it, he's not my dad or Ace's, he's only Kelsie and Gavin's dad. My parent's got divorced when me and Ace were 5. It was a long, loud and painful divorce,and their really bad fighting continued for a year after the divorce. Then mom published her first book and met Joe at one of her book signings, he's a book store/cafe owner, they dated for a while then got married. Kelsie came along when we were seven almost eight, then Gavin Came when we were Nine. So, Kelsi's six almost seven and Gavin's four.

“No, look it's like this, you guys will be going to your father's house tomorrow morning, after we drop Kelsie and Gavin off at Leah's. So you guys have the choice of going there or to Leah's. I think me and Joe will understand if you want to go to Leah's instead, I mean you know how your dad can be.”

Ace rolled his eyes and said, “No mom, we wouldn't know how dad is since you hardly ever let us see him, and when we have the chance you guilt us into going to Leah's or Jessy's. So were going to dad's house tell Leah I said hi.”

Then Ace went into the hallway closet and got the cleaning stuff, and started cleaning and not giving mom the chance to argue with him. He does know how to stand up for himself, to anyone, even our school principle. If Ace doesn't like what your saying, he let's you know, and the more of an authority figure you are, the more attitude, rudeness, volume, and swear words he gets and uses. I hate when he gets that way, but for some reason all the girls love it, all of my friends love him, and I just don't get it. I mean were both “popular” but he's popular with boys and girls (Especially girls), and I'm only popular with the girls, I'm friends with a lot of guys, but they never like me like I like them. But everyone likes Ace, and he knows it.

“Ava help your brother clean, and stop staring off into space.” my mom said.
Ace rolled his eyes and said, “are you imagining Edward standing there?”

My mom said, “Ace don't be so immature! You know you're a little flirt boy, and if your sister has a little crush, don't give her a hard time.”

“Mom I honestly don't know what your talking about, and I am not a little flirt boy, but if I am, then she's a little flirt girl, because how I am with her friends is how she is with my friends. I wouldn't call it flirting but if you do, then I don't think you should be talking to my teachers anymore, cuz you act how we do, how I do.” I can't believe he said that!

“Ace what is wrong with you? I do Not flirt with your teachers!” my mom said, she was getting angrier and angrier. Ace looked at her and his eyes looked so bright blue that they reminded me of a really nice day before the huge rain storm comes in, he gave her his, I'm completely mad, don't mess with me I'll bite your head off, if you think I'm going to back down so you're completely insane look, and his eyes got really big as he was rolling them. Me and Ace are identical, but the one thing that makes it obvious that we're twins is our eyes. We have the same bright blue eyes, if we didn't we wouldn't look as much alike. You would still be able to tell, but it would take a while for you to realize we're twins and not just brother and sister.

“If your not flirting with my teachers, then why are you always talking to them?” Ace sneered.

mom yelled, “Because all you ever do is get in trouble! Just this week you failed a test, lost your recess privileges, and got in trouble for ditching math! If you don't want me to talk to your teachers, then you have to do better! Now start cleaning, and now I'm telling your dad about how much trouble you got in this week, and the food fight!” my mom stomped off, and we heard her go upstairs and slam the bathroom door.

Then Ace looked at me and said, “I think you made her mad. You really should be nice to her, you know.” the way he said just made me laugh.

“You know your really a big jerk, has anyone ever told you that?” I asked as I started to wash the dishes,.

Ace said, “Yeah you did this morning, and last night and yesterday at school, and the day before that and the day before that too. I think you call me a jerk to try and act cool, cuz your jealous of me.”

“Why in the world would I be jealous of you? Cuz I don't shop at Hot Topic? Cuz I don't have to wear boxers and you do?” I said, and why would I be jealous of him? I'm a way cooler person then him, even if he is more popular.

“You're jealous of me because Edward spends all his time with me and barely any with you. He thinks your pretty, but he doesn't like tom boys he likes emo's and scenes. So wear black and he'll be all over you, just like you want him to be.” Ace said, I want to punch him so hard.

The author's comments:
this is chapter one and the rest of the story will be posted soon(:

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