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One more broken wing

October 1, 2011
By Apeggy BRONZE, Albion, New York
Apeggy BRONZE, Albion, New York
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Alaina Angroski walked to school, October 15, with her books tucked inside her arms and her backpack slung on her back. Her cheeks had lost their color since the last day she was in school and her lips had went from floral pink to paled white. She hadn’t been to school in nearly two weeks and the only reason she was returning was because her father forced her to. He always forced her to do thing’s she didn’t enjoy, like doing the dishes and walking their dog, Fred. But aside from Alaina’s kicking and screaming she finally agreed to return but made it clear she wouldn’t do it with a smile.

In the hallway kids joked about not doing their homework and discussed the spreading rumors, to them everything was a joke. One girl stuck her finger out and pointed in Alaina’s direction laughing, making jokes about the shoes she wore which were much too small for her feet and her shirt which had a gaging hole in the back but at least she had a hole free tank top underneath, she thought it would be less noticeable that way. She should have known they would notice, just like they notice every other flaw she had.

She kept her head down staring at the tiles, counting them as the walked along. “one hundred one, one hundred two” she counted. She noticed her shoe was untied and wasn’t sure if she should leave it be until she got to her first class, hoping no one would notice or tie it then. She decided if she tied it now she might look less stupid. She tried getting as close to the lockers as she could so she didn’t get in anyone’s way. As she bent down she set her books abreast from her and began tying the left, grey tinted shoe. As she tied her shoe she noticed a few kids walking in her direction but declared they were most likely going to their locker and paid them no mind. In an instant her books were scattered around the hallway floor followed by a shove to the back, making her head nearly bang against her knee.

Alaina looked up at them, they were laughing, as usual.She dried her watering eyes then crawled over to the closest book, pulled herself together and got to her feet.

”If your mom loved you she wouldn’t get your clothes from the trash!” A kid hollered her way as another threw her biology book at her feet.

If they only knew her mother, Loray Angroski, had just passed away 2 weeks ago, taking the only life Alaina had out of her.

Alaina never returned to school the next morning, neither did she return home from school that night.

Her father called the police the minute she didn’t return and all they said was “if she doesn’t return in 2 weeks give us a call but until then there is nothing we can do.”

The police never reported a file and the kids who bullied her never wondered what happened to her or what might of come of her. Alaina’s body was never found and the only tears that fell were the ones of her own, her loving father.

Two years later her dad’s body was found hanging by a string in their den.No one searched again for Alaina, no one knew of her tragic death. No one knew she drowned in her tears

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