The Last Letter

October 8, 2011
By dancerr4411 SILVER, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
dancerr4411 SILVER, Mukwonago, Wisconsin
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Dancing isn't work, you can't call it work.
A day I don't dance is a day I don't live.

“Run Claire! Run!” I scream, “He is right behind us!” I have never been so scared in my whole life. The musty smell of alcohol came from everywhere, making me want to puke. I was in the dark alley next to the hundred-year-old bar. My friend was behind me, getting slower and slower. I wanted to stay with her but I knew that both of us would die if I slowed down. So on I went. Dodging drunken men and stray dogs, I somehow managed to find my way out of the maze of horror. A scream. Claire, was all I could think of. He got her. I knew that we shouldn’t have tried to figure out who the serial killer was even though we have known what he was doing for over five years. The serial killer, I have known my entire life, and he is still bent on killing me. Isn’t that just great. The steps are right behind me now, coming for me.
I suck in another breath of air and let it all out. No one would hear me, I knew that already. It was too loud, who would listen for screams of terror on New Year’s Eve, I wouldn’t have. He’s gaining, I can almost feel his hot breathe on the back of my neck. Then I realize I hear more than one pair of feet, someone else is with him. We hadn’t solved the whole thing completely after all, well we are only 16. We should have gone to the police right away, all of this was a bad idea. I tried to tell Claire, but her being the most unafraid-of-anything girl was the first one to go down and I am next. We are by a bar now, I can hear the drunk people laughing loudly at some stupid joke. Of course they can’t hear me as I issue another scream. There is no chance. I am gone for. Then I am jumped on from above. I look up before he kills me off to see the last person I expected to see. Before I can say anything, I feel the glass hit my head, hear the shatter, and then see the blackness.
I awake screaming my head off. I look around my bedroom to see that I have been thrashing around so much that I fell clean off my bed. I take a few seconds to gain control back over my mind and slowly get up. At this moment, I am surprised that one of my parents hasn’t come upstairs yet to check on me. Well, they have never really been afraid of my well-being. But, I have been having vicious nightmares for the past five years, so I could see why they didn’t come racing up the stairs. My room is the typical teenage room. Overstuffed pillows everywhere, my clothes lying all over the place, and a futon than can pull out as my bed. Surprisingly, it is remotely clean which I cannot at all remember actually cleaning it.
I startle at the sound of my sister singing at the top of her lungs to something I don’t even know. Probably like Kids Bop, what are they on now? Like 50? I get up and go straight to her room, she was going to get it.
Ok, you need a warning of my sister. She is your typical popular girl. She has beach blonde hair and eyes so blue that they are lighter than the color of the sky. If you are still having trouble picturing her, try to think of the most popular girl at your school and you have the picture. Now, you can see why I find her so incredibly annoying.
I go in her room to find that all of my stuff is sitting on her desk.
“Why do you have all of my stuff!” I scream at her as she is straightening her hair. Either she can’t hear me or she is pretending not to. I’m going to go with the second guess. I try to rip out her earphones to realize I can’t.
My hand is literally going through them. That is when I lose control, I can’t grab anything. I desperately swipe at anything, nothing responds to my hand.
That is when I realize what happened. New Year’s Eve was a long time ago. It was September, from what I could tell. I had been “asleep” for six months. That dream was real, I am dead and have been for a while. I am a ghost.

The author's comments:
Something I am working on to maybe be a book...

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