the great explotion

October 7, 2011
By ogwangster BRONZE, Peru, New York
ogwangster BRONZE, Peru, New York
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All I remember seeing after all the smoke cleared was the brightest light and mass destruction. All of the sudden my mom came flying into my room screaming about how I play video games to much. So, she shut my X-box off and screamed, “Leave, NOW!”
I went down to my buddy’s house. His name is Isaac Newton; he’s really calm and collected. He lives with his girl friend Moana Lisa, and I kind of got a crush on her little sister Naomi Alba. She goes and visits Moana sometimes when I’m there. We talk online all the time, and we are starting to get to know each other. We’ve never hung out outside of Isaac’s or alone for that matter. But I think I’m going to make a move and ask her out to dinner tonight if she comes down.
Lisa just got off the phone with Naomi and I think she’s coming down tonight.

Tonight’s special night, I’ve been waiting for this night for at least a month now. I’m so nervous me and Isaac have to go for a “drive”. ;) We get back to his house at about the time Naomi gets there. While she’s still outside saying goodbye to her dad I walk up to her and say “Hey Naomi, want to go out to dinner with me tomorrow night?” She gave me a funny look and said sure. This made me so excited me and Isaac had to go on a “drive” again. ;) It’s almost 10p.m when we get back but we got dinner to while we were out. Naomi and Moana were passed out drunk by the time we got home. So me and Isaac ate all the food and went to bed.
When I woke up the next morning Naomi was sitting next to me watching me sleep. To be honest it was kind of creepy and if she wasn’t so beautiful I probably would have said something. When I open my eyes she says in a calm quit voice “hey there sleepy head”. I just smile and say “hey” as I stretch. She takes my hand and slowly pulls me up. Well she tries to pull me up anyway. She walks me to my house where I take a shower while she waits in my room. Unfortunately my mom found her way to my room and started talking to Naomi. If I had any chance before, now they’d be gone.
When I got out of the shower we went to the mall to get some lunch. This was all her idea; I had no knowledge of where we were going. When we got to the mall we got some pizza and sit at a table. She looks at me for awhile and says “I’m glad you asked me to dinner, but my dad called this morning and said I couldn’t go. So I was just wondering if we could reschedule our dinner date.” The smile on her face made me know that she was into me and I had her. After we ate we went back to Isaacs to wait for Naomi’s dad to get her. We just watched TV till he got here. He honked when he pulled into the driveway and I walked her out. She introduced me to her dad and then kissed me goodbye and said “I’ll see you soon for our date, honkey monkey.”

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