School Problems

October 5, 2011
By Anonymous

I walked quickly as I could. Checking the surrounding to make sure I was not being followed. I walked into the middle of a group of students. As I got closer to my bus I was walking out of the safe zone. As I put one foot on the bus I felt a hand grabbing my favorite polo shirt and swing me into the shadow of the bus. My big round glasses fell off my head and into the grass then I heard the sound of my glasses being crushed. Squinting my eyes to see who grabbed me, even though I had a good idea, I needed to confirm it. Sure enough, it was Alex Litcare, the school’s bully. He grabbed my shirt and lifted me a foot off the ground. Then veraciously he whispered, “Where is the money?” With the wind knocked out of me I scratchily answered, “I don’t have it.” Now, pushing me harder against the bus he said, “You better bring it tomorrow or I’ll ...” At that moment the bus engine roared to a start, and I could not hear the rest, but I got the point. He dropped me to the ground and walked off. Down on my knees, staring at the pile of glass, which used to be my glasses, I got back up on my feet and headed into the bus. The bus headed down the road while I anticipated how to explain this to my mom. However, when my mom took one look at me she knew. I confirmed her suspicions. Before I knew, we were back at school talking with the principal and the school’s duty. I explained all what has happened to me and answered all their questions. The principal reassured my mom and me that they will take care of the problem, and that this will not ever happen again.

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