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October 6, 2011
By Kvothe BRONZE, Sparta, Tennessee
Kvothe BRONZE, Sparta, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
It's better to be thought an idiot then open your mouth and prove it.

-Unknown to me

This is what we want and what we do? You’ll never get away, I swear you won’t. Can you try? Go ahead and waste our time. The more time wasted the greater the chance you won’t be able to get away.

There she lay with the razor in her left hand and a cross cut in her right arm; I looked at her pale face and low rising chest. I felt odd and alone as she was laying there dying. Her heart had taken enough breaks.

As she looked at me my mind reeled back to her and myself. I had left her when she needed me most. Was it really her fault as to what happened? She cheated yes, but it was probably because she was derived of attention. I didn’t have enough time to listen or talk. She found her salvation in the arms of another man while still loving me, could that be?

As she lay on the floor in front of me, her heart had long stopped and I was still lost in thought of things I cannot let you, the reader, know of. This was the most painful thing to see. A dead lover in front of me by their own hand, I closed her eyes and got up to call the police…

As my hand touched the phone my mind drifted away to a certain part in my life with the dead soul behind me.

It was a beautiful day with a beautiful sun, but rain was in the forecast mentally and physically. She was there in my house on my couch texting ‘him’ and I was in the other room pacing and wondering how to leave her. Then, I decided to just do it.

“Jenna!” I yelled from my room. “What?” she yelled back from the living room. “Please come in here we need to talk,” I said in a more gentle tone. “You can come in here then,” she replied in a harsh tone.

I walked into that room and the lights seem to dim from the candles as I walked by them. “What?” she asked. “Who is he?” I asked. “What are you talking… fine he is just some guy who knows what I need,” she seemed to laugh. “Does it bother you?” she asked. “Yes it does especially since you and him are intimate,” I shot back and all Hell broke loose.

“You ba…” I stopped her before she could finish. “Get out now!” I yelled and opened the door. “I’m not kidding,” I made sure she knew I wasn’t kidding. As soon as she saw what was happening, she immediately played that ‘card.’

“Kyle, you know we could make up in your room, I can lead you,” she teased. I laughed at her attempt and told her to LEAVE once more. Then, she looked at me with those green eyes and straight black hair. I didn’t look at the green or anything just the black pupil, it was the color of my heart.

Why must you keep pestering and trying to love me when it is just a show of affection I thought as I looked back at her dead body. “Why must you taunt and haunt me!” I yelled at a nonresponsive body.

Without a response I knew she was sorry or this beautiful crimson decoration on her arm was for that ‘guy.’ I laughed and cried in my insanity. You, my reader must be wondering why in the world am I still with the dead… It worried me too.

“WHY DID YOU DIE?” I yelled at her. My mind told me to stop it and leave, but my eyes darted at the razor. NO NO NO my mind screamed while my heart said YES. I looked at my clean wrist and then at the bloody razor. Is it right? I thought so die with her or leave with a permanent wound in my mind?

I can’t take it my heart said and grabbed the razor and across I went. “AH!” I yelled for this was painful. I got up to leave after the first cut.

I left that house as my body lay beside hers with the same crimson design.

The author's comments:
I am not emo, but I dated a lot of them and adapted to writing in this style, I may write more haha

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