Hungry Like a Wolf

October 4, 2011
By Bswift BRONZE, Mount Dora, Florida
Bswift BRONZE, Mount Dora, Florida
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Moving silently through the woods, a young lone male wolf tries
to find his next meal. With his pelt a soft grey, he easily blends into the forest. He had no luck of finding food, so he crosses the territory line of another pack.

Not long into the new area, the lone male spots the pack eating a freshly killed buck. He slowly walks out from under the bush. He freezes when the Alpha Male spots him. The Alpha Male gives a fierce snarl, ears erect, and tail up the show his rank. The rest of the pack is startled; the little pups run to their mother for protection.

As the Alpha moves toward the lone wolf, the loner does the smartest thing: going belly up to show that the other is boss. The
Alpha stops for a slight second, then lunges for the throat as if
saying: "Get lost! You're not welcomed here!!" The lone male scrambles to his feet and dashes into the forest, with his ars flattened against his skull and tail tucked between his legs.

Alone in the woods he continues to search for food. As it starts to rain he comes to a arrive. At the river is a lone she wolf, eating a meal of fish that she must have caught. Her coat the color of the snow in the winter, with a little of black on her tail, she watches him, regarding him as no threat to her.

Still hungry, he tries to get a fish out of the river, but the fish are too fast. The she wolf watches him while she eats the rest of her food. Realizing he can not catch a fish, he sits down on the ground, his head low with disappointment. Finished wit her food, the she wolf stands up, walks to the bank of the river, and waits for just the right second to catch a fish.

Striking with the speed of a cobra, she grabs one. But instead of eating it, she trots over the the lone male and offers it to him. He hesitates, wondering if it is a trick. When he takes it the she wolf lays down. The lone male takes a bite slowly, then decides it is not a trick and gobbles it down.

After he is done and has some food in his stomach he stand up; nudges him with her nose and walks away slowly. She pauses, looking at him, and he realizes she wants him to follow her. They reach small open area aligned with some rocks. But on the rocks are some more wolves. He freezes when he spots them, thinking they will attack, but they don't.

She walks over to him, wagging her tail. He realizes that she is not a loner, but the alpha of a pack. Surprised to be accepted in a pack, he gives a long howl. The rest join in singing to his tune. Then the she wolf dashes into the forest, with the rest of her pack behind her. Following along, he goes with his new pack for another hunt.

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