Dear Jesus

October 1, 2011
Dear Jesus,
I have a few questions for you...
Now Jesus, I believe in you I promise I do
(I can't swear because pastor says it's bad)
But I'm confused on some things
Like how daddy says that the rain is your tears,
But my teacher says that the water cycle causes the rain.
Or how God flooded the earth when the people were bad,
Teacher says that never happened either.
Or that Adam and Eve were the first humans and created from earth,
Evolution says we came from monkeys.
God said he created the earth,
Then why do people believe the big bang theory?
You died on the cross for my sins,
Then why did Mrs. Jones say I was going to rot in a grave?
You say we go to heaven,
So why did they put mommy in the ground?
Are you going to take her out soon?
They told me God is a lie
So Jesus does that make you a lie too?
Because it seems science has disproved everything that you do....

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MinionForGod said...
May 3, 2015 at 5:04 pm
science is wrong. it is an excuse not to believe in the God who rescues.
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