When I wake up

September 12, 2011
By Anonymous

I wake up but I can’t open my eyes. I feel underneath me and realize that I am lying on the dirt. I can feel the millions of sharp pointed edges of the rocks dig into my back; I can taste the dust in my mouth, and feel the cold chill of the morning. I try to sit up but pain shoots through my neck and down my side. I want to scream but for some reason I can’t open my mouth to do so. What is going on?
I hear a cart approaching it sounds like its going fast, it’s getting closer, closer, and closer. I hear the driver curse and call me a stupid w****. I guess I must be in the middle of a road? I rock my body back and forth to avoid using my muscles, or at least as little as possible. This way is painful but at least I don’t have to get up completely. I feel myself start to fall like that dream that everyone has where you are falling but you can’t see the bottom and you wake up just before you are supposed to hit the ground. This feels exactly like that except I hit the bottom, but I don’t stop I keep rolling along. Roll, roll, roll, feel like your flying then smack the ground, and over again. On the bright side I am probably far off the road now.

I wake up the next morning with a splitting headache but I can see now. I try to get up but its still no use I can barely move I feel even more sore than yesterday, it must have been all the falling I did. I manage to get a good look around and I see that I’m right around a small tributary, I must be somewhere near the polish border because there are a lot more rivers around there, it’s said too be really humid. I have never been allowed to go across the border into Poland; my parents think I’m too young to see the damage done by the Nazi soldiers. If I could make it to the water then I know I will be able to clean my wounds and possibly drink some of it. I struggle to drag myself over toward the water.

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