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September 29, 2011
By freddy93 BRONZE, Maysville, Kentucky
freddy93 BRONZE, Maysville, Kentucky
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I was inside when they pulled .I didn’t know who it was at first, until I opened the front door. I seen my buddy Austin and his Cousin Corey sitting on there four wheeler in front of my dads truck. They were both smiling, so I knew they were up to no good. So I walked out to the guys to see what they wanted. They said that they just wanted to hang out.

Well normally when they say they want hangout, they normally mean ‘’do something stupid’’. We were just gona sit around and talk about the thing’s that we could do but I’m not the kind of person to just sit around all day and do nothing. So we decided that we would go fishing. Austin and Corey had to go get there poles because I didn’t have any extra poles at the time. After they came back we started to do a little fishing, and then we got to the point where we were bored because the fish were not biting at all. So we had to cut the fishing trip a little short, and Austin and Corey loaded up and took the poles and stuff back to there house. And I took my poles to my house.

When Austin and Corey came back they had two helmets, but I wasn’t for sure what they were going to do with them. When they pulled back up Austin had the awfuliest grin on his face, without using any words we looked at an old Grand Mercury Marquise that was sitting by an old tree in my front yard. He looked back at me and said ‘’Car Hood’’. Then he told me that we should take it and drag the darn thing behind the four wheeler. So I had to go inside and ask my dad if we could have the car hood and he said we could

After my dad said we could, I had to run out to the barn to get some tools and unbolt the hood. After I unbolting the hood I flipped it over on to the ground and broke the emblem off and made the hole bigger. When I cut the hole bigger Austin took a rope out of the back of the four wheeler and hooked it to the ball on his four wheeler. And the other end threw the hole in the hood and made it to where it was tight, so it wouldn’t come loose. And then Austin took off to the woods.

When Austin came back he threw me and Corey the helmets and told us to hop on and hang on tight. Well I figured since it was our first time being on a car hood that he would start off slow, But no he had to take off doing like 50MPH. I have to admit, it was scary at fist until we started to have fun sliding every where , that was until we got to a certain spot in the wood that had a little stream coming off the side of the hill and left water standing In the trail. So I assumed that he was going to go slow threw it, but no he stopped, after he stopped he looked back a grinned And then he cranked down on his four wheeler and slung mud all over the place , but mostly on us.

After we went threw the mud we were pretty much at the end of the trail, so we had to stop, get off the car hood and turn it around. We get going back and we hit the mud again. This time it was like getting sprayed with a water hose and it was really nasty water because he stirred it up going threw it the first time.

After we left the mud we got going down the trail, we started picking up a little speed, then it happened. We got to a part of the trail where it was a little narrow spot that was barely wide enough to get the hood across, we started sliding down the creek band. Then I realized that something bad was about to happen. After we get to the bottom of the creek bank, we hit a tree, hard enough to dent the side of the hood. When we hit it thrown us together, then mine and Corey’s head bounced off of each others and then Corey’s bounced off the tree.

I think Austin bringing the helmets down was the smartest thing we had done all day. I’d have to say if, we didn’t have those helmets me and Corey would’ve have had a splitting head ache, and that’s if you know what I mean.

We got out of the woods when we realized that we should stop for the day. So we were sitting in my front yard when it hit me. I came up with this insane ideal. I wanted to try to hood surf. So the idiot that I am, I go get two pieces of rope and tie them to two corners of the hood. So we turned the hood around. Before we took off I told Austin that we need to go a little bit slower because it was a lot more dangerous because I was standing up. It worked pretty good going threw the woods. So I told Austin to take it out of the woods and go threw the field in front of my house. And that plan worked even better and this time nobody got hurt.

The thing to this story, is that you should never let your buddy’s talk you into doing something ignorant. Unless you can deal with the pain or consequences

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i like to have fun

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